Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

I am anxiously awaiting the start of the New Year cause I know my forever family will find me in 2010!

While hanging around, I thought I would share some photos.

Here I am in my spiffy winter coat that was given to me by my southern sister, Genny. Genny's mom bought it for her and it was way too big. It's roomy on me but I think I still look pretty dapper in it. And it certainly has gotten a lot of use in this subzero temperature weather!

Here I am opening my foster dad's present. He let me help. He said it was better than having me chew on his shoes. :-)

Here's one of a close up of my nose.

Here's one of my ginormous ears.

One of me and my foster mom holding paws. She had the nerve to ignore me for 10 seconds so I had to offer my paw to her to remind her that I was still here.

And this one is my "look ma, no teeth" photo. Cracks my foster mom up every time she looks at it!

Happy New Year everyone!



Anonymous said...

Hey Scot you do look very daper and I know your forever family is out there as a matter of fact we have inquired but not heard anything --so happy happy new year and I do love your pics Karen

Marie said...

Hi Karen,

Who did you inquire with? My foster mom hasn't received any email from you. Your best bet is to first fill out an application at . Thanks!


Polly said...

I, too, am in love with you, Scottie:) Definitely you will find your forever home soon!

Anonymous said...

Scot--I inquired through the adoption bio-- the email that is listed there and yes we already have an approved application and have had a home visit so we are looking