Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Duncan Earns a 10 for Style

Duncan here. A couple of weeks ago I got to go back to Sugarbush farm to wish some lucky NEBCR alum pups celebrate their third birthdays! I can't believe I even got an invite. All the birthday pups were so gracious. There were lots of fun games and activities all day long. I really got into playing catch with the rest of the dogs. My style was improving throughout the day as I continued to jump in the air after balls others just wouldn't dare!

Then, near the end of the day, I made a spectacular leap for a ball but something wasn't right and I came crashing down, falling on my left leg hard. It turns out I fractured a bone in my hock. It hurt pretty bad to where I can't put weight on it. The humans are still working with some experts as to how best to fix me up.

I just want to go on record as saying that I was really going for style points (of which I think I should get a 10 for execution) but am willingto settle for a big puppy Splat award. OK, so I will never be a disc dog like Dune is, but I figure my personality sure makes up for that!

Just tell this human to stop following me around on that stupid line. Its likeI have to do EVERYTHING for her. Whenever we go outside, she decides I am the one to show her around the yard. What's up with that? Can't she get around without me?

Oh, and I would like to say I have seen as much of that place called a vets office, or something, as I care to. Everyone is very nice, but come on now, I can't be that interesting. I swear they want to see how flexible I am. Of courseI know no human could ever master those positions they put me through and all for what? A silly picture or two of my insides! I saw those pictures and frankly, I think they need to fire the photographer as not one captured mybeautiful eyes or my good side. I have already put a call in to my agent about all of this! I think a spa treatment is in order!


(If you would like to help pay for Duncan's treatment, or any of the bills NEBCR absorbs on a daily basis, please go to http://www.nebcr.org/How_to_Help.html#donations and donate today!)

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Marta... said...

hey Duncan u have to be more careful!!!!!!!!We do not want u to get hurt again, slow down on that jumps,we all know u r the best!!!