Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Hi, this is Kody. My foster mom says I am living in Maine with my foster family until we find my forever family. But I didn't know they were lost!?

I am a guy with a great sense of humor. I am now 13 months old, but I am just learning about life so I still have the "wonder" of a young puppy. I LOVE SNOW!!! It feels really good on my tongue. I love scooping up mouthfuls of it. But my foster mom says she is ready for it to go away. Yesterday all she could say was "Snow...really?!!" My foster dad keeps taking the snow out of my yard so I can't play in it...bummer. But he says it is safer that way. I won't slip and hurt my leg again.

I am running great and having fun with my foster brothers and sisters. Today I went out with Andy, the baby dog in the house. He is only 6 months old. But he can be fun to play with. See how great I can run?

Then I got to play with Bek. I tried everything to get her to chase me, but I guess she likes eating snow even more than I do!

I am a fun loving guy who is looking for someone to play with me. Although I love the snow, I can't wait for it to melt...because I love mud even better! I am a boy through and through!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Meet Digby

Digby will be available for adoption soon.

We are still getting to know Digby’s personality.

He was so scared when he first arrived in foster care.
So scared that he had to be carried into his foster family's house.

This was how Digby felt when he first arrived.

But in just 3 short weeks with the moral support
of his foster brother, NEBCR alum Kiefer,

Digby is not only loving his daily walks, but he's also

having a blast playing with toys,

and enjoying playtime with other dogs,

and he definitely loves giving kisses.

Digby is terrified of cameras
so we don’t have too many pictures of him yet.

But stay tuned for more updates
and keep you eyes on the available dogs page
on the NEBCR website for Digby's bio very soon!