Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Drontal, Capstar, shampoo, antibiotics, office visit for one of the sickest dogs with skin scrapings and blood = $869.52. (In addition, we have already spent $135 on food)

With the arrival of "The Lucky 7" and the likelihood that more dogs from this seizure will be on the way, our most pressing immediate need is for monetary donations to cover the cost of the extensive vet care required for these dogs.

All of these dogs still need to be spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and given full veterinary exams to determine any other underlying health issues.

Every donation, no matter how small, will help in getting these dogs healthy and ready to find their loving forever homes. Please go to the NEBCR home page and click the PayPal button in the left column to donate now!

In addition to monetary donations, we also have an immediate need for the following items...

  • METAL food/water bowls - most useful are flat-sided metal pails with clips
  • Doors for 36" Vari Kennels
  • Crate pads (24"x36")
  • Kongs (Lg/XL) and/or other stuffable chew toys
  • Treats & canned food for stuffing in Kongs

The biggies right now are clean towels/blankets and metal bowls/pails. In the not too distant future we'll also need some kongs/chew toys and things to stuff them with. All of these items do NOT need to be brand new, we would just ask that they be clean and ready to use, as the volunteers at the farm already have their hands more than full with the dogs and don't have a lot of spare time to do laundry. ;)

The dogs will be staying at Sugar Bush Farm for at least another week or so, as they still need to be vetted, spayed/neutered and then evaluated to determine which foster homes will work best for them. If you have any of these items to donate, that is where they should be sent. However lots of NEBCR volunteers and friends are making trips out to the farm to pitch in, so if you live near one of these people they may be able to take some items out with them. Contact NEBCR at if you have items to donate and aren't sure how to get them to us.

For those of you that may not be able to help in the ways noted above, NEBCR is currently involved in a voting contest to win much-needed grant money.


The rescue name is New England Border Collie Rescue, and the state we're incorporated in is CT. Once you enter the name and state, NEBCR will appear in the list. Just click the "vote" button. You can vote once each day if you'd like, and any and all votes are greatly appreciated! If you have any dog loving family/friends, feel free to pass this along. The more people voting the better. :)

Thank you for your support!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Meet "The Lucky 7"

Scotlund: approx. 8 year old male.
Scotlund (named for the man instrumental in the effort to get these dogs out of the horrible conditions they were in) was the sickest of all the dogs. His eyes were encrusted, he was covered in lice and biting fleas and was so anemic he was unable to stand. Through all this, he has been as sweet as can be and adores the attention being lavished on him.

Smokey: approx. 1 year old male.
Has made the most progress in the first 24 hours. When he first arrived he refused to walk. He flattened to the ground and would shuffle forward on his tummy. Last night and this morning, he is walking and has learned that hands have meatballs in them.

Andy: approx. 1 year old male.
Loves other dogs - his tail wags when he sees them. Seems to be a friendly goofy young boy, but is more interested in other dogs than people - typical for an unsocialized dog whose only known the company of other dogs.

Sugar: approx. 1 year old female.
So far a very outgoing girl and she shows the potential to be a typical high drive border collie. She loves people and dogs alike and was the first to show interest in a tennis ball. A silly, goofy girl!

Spice: approx. 1 year old female.
Almost as smushily friendly as Sugar. Also loves people and, along with Sugar, has already figured out that if they come up to people and sit, the pets start flowing!

Emily: approx. 1 year old female.
She is extremely shy and skittish and won't come out of crate without someone holding the leash. She will flatten to the ground when she hits the end of the leash too hard. She is just starting to take meatballs from people's hands.

Faith: approx. 1 year old female.
She too was very skittish/tentative at first, but is becoming a bit more confident as time goes on.

Stay tuned to follow The Lucky 7's progress...

"The Lucky 7" has arrived - let the scrubbing begin!

NEBCR has taken in 7 dogs from the situation in TN and more may be on the way. Dubbed "The Lucky 7" these dogs arrived 9/28 covered in mats, filth, lice eggs and feces.

NEBCR volunteers are working hard to get these dogs cleaned up, and all will be fully vetted as soon as possible. Once they are cleaned and vetted, they will move onto their foster homes where the real work begins. All of these dogs are undersocialized and have likely seen little of the world outside of their cramped, filthy kennels. It will take time, patience and a lot of love to help them to realize the world is a safe, fun place. When they are ready, they will be made available for adoption on the NEBCR website (


PORTLAND, Tenn. - The Humane Society of the United States worked in conjunction with the Sumner County Sheriff's Department to remove 108 border collies last week from squalid conditions at an alleged puppy mill in Portland, Tenn.

The property owner breeds dogs for sale and runs Border Collie Rescue of Middle Tennessee. According to his Web site, the property owner takes in rescued border collies. But many of the dogs on the property were those the owner had bred and made available for sale on the Internet.

The dogs were housed in a dark, vermin-infested barn and filthy outdoor pens. Border collies are natural herding dogs, and require extensive exercise to maintain a healthy temperament and physique. Lack of exercise and socialization is especially devastating to this breed. It is possible that many of these neglected animals had never known life outside their cramped enclosures.

read the full story...
video of the news story
photos from the seizure

NEBCR has taken in 7 dogs from this initial seizure and more may be on the way. Dubbed "The Lucky 7" these dogs arrived 9/28 covered in mats, filth, lice eggs and feces. More info to come...

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Marsh, Agility Dog!

I was told by my agility instructor that I have 'definite potential'....not sure what that means, but I do know that this agility stuff is fun, fun, fun!

I am so focused on my foster mom! She loves that :-)
Still searching for my forever home....but in the mean time, I'm having fun learning agility!
Love, Marsh

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I updated my bio!

Marsh here...I'm the handsome boy on the right.....
I have become much more so-fist-i-cay-tid I updated the world to let them know!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Please 'click' to help us win some $$$ for our foster dogs

Thank you for helping us win $1,000 during the first Animal Rescue Site Shelter Challenge. We are an all volunteer organization and all of the money went to cover vet and other expenses for the rescue dogs in our care.

Now you can help us again! And it's so simple! Just one 'click' a day from you and your friends will get us closer to winning another round of the Animal Rescue Site Shelter challenge!

Simply go to Animal Rescue Site Shelter Challenge
Enter: New England Border Collie Rescue
and remember that we are incorporated in the state of CT!

Thank you!