Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Meet "The Lucky 7"

Scotlund: approx. 8 year old male.
Scotlund (named for the man instrumental in the effort to get these dogs out of the horrible conditions they were in) was the sickest of all the dogs. His eyes were encrusted, he was covered in lice and biting fleas and was so anemic he was unable to stand. Through all this, he has been as sweet as can be and adores the attention being lavished on him.

Smokey: approx. 1 year old male.
Has made the most progress in the first 24 hours. When he first arrived he refused to walk. He flattened to the ground and would shuffle forward on his tummy. Last night and this morning, he is walking and has learned that hands have meatballs in them.

Andy: approx. 1 year old male.
Loves other dogs - his tail wags when he sees them. Seems to be a friendly goofy young boy, but is more interested in other dogs than people - typical for an unsocialized dog whose only known the company of other dogs.

Sugar: approx. 1 year old female.
So far a very outgoing girl and she shows the potential to be a typical high drive border collie. She loves people and dogs alike and was the first to show interest in a tennis ball. A silly, goofy girl!

Spice: approx. 1 year old female.
Almost as smushily friendly as Sugar. Also loves people and, along with Sugar, has already figured out that if they come up to people and sit, the pets start flowing!

Emily: approx. 1 year old female.
She is extremely shy and skittish and won't come out of crate without someone holding the leash. She will flatten to the ground when she hits the end of the leash too hard. She is just starting to take meatballs from people's hands.

Faith: approx. 1 year old female.
She too was very skittish/tentative at first, but is becoming a bit more confident as time goes on.

Stay tuned to follow The Lucky 7's progress...


Anonymous said...

I wish you the best of luck with these dogs. Please let me know if anyone adopting or fostering these dogs would benefit from having a copy of A Guide To Living & Working With A Fearful Dog (from my fearfuldogs.com website). I would gladly send them a copy FOC.

Also, please email me your postal address as I'd like to donate 10 gemstone collar pendants that you can use to help raise money for NEBCR. info@fearfuldogs.com

Dunedan said...

Thank You!

You can send all donations to:

c/o Kathy Chittenden
760 East Road
Stephentown, NY 12168

Sally Hull said...

HHBCR is getting two of the Swafford dogs. You guys are fabulous. Thanks for helping so many of these wonderful kids.

Monique Fisher - NEBCR, Inc. said...

And thank you as well! :)