Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New Rescue Pup

This little guy is just 10.5 months old. He is new in rescue and he is a very special little dog. He doesn't have usable front legs. We are looking into getting a wheelchair from Eddie's Wheels for him and also into whether surgery can fix the one leg that is twisted.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rigel is ready!!

Hi All Nice Peoples!!

I am all recovered from my "pro-C-jure". I was very well behaved at the vet office. I am not really sure what happened. One minute I was getting a hug from a very nice girl and the next I was waking up in a strange room. Anyway, my foster mom came to gets me soon. When I was ready to leave, I went through the check list. .... Collar, leash, microchip... why do I feel like I am forgetting something? Oh well, I am sure the nice peoples at the animal hospital will mail it to me if I remember what I am forgettingMy coat is growing back and I am fluffy and soft. I have been told that I am very handsome, but my foster mom may be a bit biased. What do you think? I am getting more confident every day, but am still pretty shy when I first meet new peoples. I loves other dogs and would love to have a playful,doggy friend in my new home. Anyways, please watch the NEBCR website for me. I will be making my debut soon!

Your friend, Rigel.
By the way, my name is pronounce RYE-gel, like the blue star. : )

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Duncan Plays Doctor and Removes his Bandage!

Duncan here again! OK, so I think I have been more than patient with these humans putting all this crazy stuff on me and my leg. Well, the last bandage change resulted in a pink leg! A guy has his dignity you know! So, Wednesday I decided to take matters into my own hands and remove the blasted thing! Hey, the vet said 7-10 days, well Thursday would have been 7. I'm a dog, I can't tell time and the days of the week.

So now, no much shorter walks until Monday when I get to go back to the vets.

I am starting to use my leg more though. I would dearly love to negotiate the steps myself but my foster mom will have none of it! She did take me to a store the other day where I got to meet some people and a few friendly dogs. There was so much to see but I got lots of great treats whenever I looked back at my foster mom.

So, for now I wait until Monday to see what the vet says for my activity level. Each day does get a little easier though. Here is a picture of me with my friend, Mozart. He's a little neurotic, but hey, he is a terrier!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Andy is ready to be adopted!

Hi everyone, it's me Andy!!! Guess what? I finally got the all clear from the dog doctor and I'm ready to find my forever home. I know I look really serious in my pictures, but it's because I am camera shy.
My latest test was really interesting. They put a purple wrap around my foot and then it squeezed my foot and then it let go very slowly and went "beep, beep, beep". Then the dog doctor put it on his arm to "test" it. The dog doctor said it was low, but still normal. Of course it was normal. There is nothing wrong with my foot! I don't know where that dog doctor went to school, but I think it was the "School of Silly Tests".
Anyway, so I'll be going up on the website soon so I can look for my forever family. Check out and "dogs available to be adopted" and you'll find me there.
In the meantime, I have been working very hard at being brave. Being brave means not running into my crate all the time when I hear loud noises. Being brave means exploring outside when I hear strange noises instead of running right back to the door. Guess what I discovered? Birds. They make pretty noises. I would like to play with them, but they fly away when I run up to them.
My foster mom says I have made lots of progress in the three months I have been in New Hamsphire. For one thing, I've gained some weight. I weigh 49 pounds now. Mom made the dog doctor weigh me twice because she couldn't believe it! I also hang out outside my crate now although I still like my crate. I'm not so afraid of strangers either. I actually will come out and greet them and see if they are good at giving belly rubs. Mom says I am going to need someone who has lots of patience though because I am shy.
Likes-OTHER DOGS, but I would like to live with another dog or two provided the other dog isn't jealous of me and will let me get SOME attention. My foster sister, Lady, doesn't like it when my foster mom rubs my belly. She comes over and gets between us because she wants Mom all to herself.
CATS-they smell really, really good.
KIDS-they are ok, but older kids would be better as they are QUIETER!
Dislikes-LOUD NOISES of any kind.
SUDDEN MOVEMENTS-they make me nervous.
BROWN DOGS-My foster mom doesn't know why I don't like them, but I do and that is all that matters.
Check out my bio and pictures on in the next few days and hopefully you will see me! In the meantime, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I know 2010 is going to be a happy year for me!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Vote for Didge and Help NEBCR!

Bissell has a photo contest each year and the top monetary prizes ($10,000 for the 1st place winner!!) go to the charities of the winners' choices.

There are 12 Voting Periods, and the top five vote recipients for each week move on to the final selection process.

Week 1 Voting Period starts today. Didgeridoo has been entered as the "ambassadog" for NEBCR this week.

Didge is a 6.5 year old NEBCR alum, adopted in 2008.

Please vote for him by clicking the button below!

MVP Pet Photo Contest sponsored by BISSELL, maker of pet vacuum cleaners.

It only takes a second to create an account, just click the "Please login to vote" button located next to the total number of votes, then just sign up as a new member. Only a name and email address are required. You can then cast your vote for Didge! (Only one vote allowed per dog each voting period from each account)


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Duncan and the Cone of Shame

Duncan here again. Since my last post, I have been back to visit Dr. Berzon. He changed my bandage and gave me a soft cast to wear. This time my leg is wrapped in yellow.

I am now walking on my leg but would love to do a bunch more on it but my Foster Mom said I am not allowed.

She fitted me with a regular harness which I wear all the time and of course, the cone of shame! I can't even turn my head without catching that darn thing on something! I've already managed to crack and edge of it so now there is packing tape to hold it together. Don't tell anyone, but I can still manage to get to my bandage if I hold my leg a certain way!

I spent this past weekend at my foster grandparents and their two little jack russel terriers. The female, Courtney, is an old girl. She is now 15 years old but going strong. She really likes the warmth and sleeping but she can get going if you push the right buttons! The other little guy is Mozart. He and I met before my injury and he is a lot of fun to play with. He is much younger and likes squeaky toys like I do!

I had so much fun hanging out with all of them. Unfortunately, the weather was not that great so I didn't get to do much walking like I am supposed to but I did play with Mozart quite a bit. We even played a little tug with my new favorite blue ball toy pictured above.

My foster people finally figured out a contraption to put on my bandage to keep it dry and safe from the rough road outside. Now, I am easily walking half an hour and could go so much more but my Foster mom keeps mumbling about this work thing. Last week I couldn't go that far but today I tried to pull her into a faster gait than a boring walk. It was tiring as she is quite strong you know! I figure she could use the help getting up some of those hills.

Just two more days and I have another bandage change. Maybe this time I can have my foot back and not have it all bandaged up. Dr. Berzon said this time he will probably let me wear the next one for two weeks instead of just one. Then I think it is supposed to come off, Yippee!

Maybe then I can do this:

Monday, January 4, 2010

Hi there! Yes, it’s me, Oran! I know that it has been some time since you got news of me! I have been busy over here. It took me some time to get adjusted to this new routine and to these new humans and their friends. I guess I like it up here. I have a place of my own with my crate, blanket and the toy (the one they say I stole from the vet, right. It was right there at my reach! What was I supposed to do? I am a dog, after all! ). I can go there if I want to be quiet but I do prefer to lie down near my human friends most of the time. I have to share them with 3 other dogs, though. They are alright. The two boys, Lochan, the Little One and Casey the Big Guy usually leave me alone. It’s the other one, the Cinnamon Girl… That one thinks she has to boss me around. Really, who does she thinks she is anyway. I am her elder by many years (don’t ask). She is a little spitfire and she really likes the Big Guy! Oh well, I guess I have lost it!

I am doing ok. I play Frisbee and ball. Tough to do in the snow but it is still fun… These last 4 weeks have been difficult, however, as the Big Guy got hurt and we all had to try to keep him quiet so he could heal. He is better now so we are all breathing a sigh of relief. WE CAN HAVE FUN AGAIN!

I am feeling kind of dejected. There was a kitty cat named Spitts, who stayed downstairs with me, but she decided to move upstairs. Don’t know why! And since I don’t like to climb stairs, I can’t visit her upstairs with her friend, Misty. I wait for her at the bottom. Sometimes, she peeks to see if I am there. I think she wants to play hide and seek!

Otherwise, things are good. The food and lodging are fine. I got some bones to chew on, lots of companionship: life is pretty good right now.

I know this is temporary but I am enjoying myself. That’s it for now. Yours Truly, Oran.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Marsh works the Dog Brick

My Aunt Donalee bought this cool Dog brick for my me and my foster brothers and sister for Christmas. This is a fun thing to do inside on super cold days. In the video you'll see how smart I am. Once I get past that first tricky white bone, I really get going. I have to remove the white bones, then slide the panels. There are treats under all of these. Sometimes I use my nose, sometimes my paw. This is only my second time doing this. Check me out!

I have high hopes that my forever family will see how smart and handsome I am, and find me soon in 2010!
Love, Marsh