Monday, January 4, 2010

Hi there! Yes, it’s me, Oran! I know that it has been some time since you got news of me! I have been busy over here. It took me some time to get adjusted to this new routine and to these new humans and their friends. I guess I like it up here. I have a place of my own with my crate, blanket and the toy (the one they say I stole from the vet, right. It was right there at my reach! What was I supposed to do? I am a dog, after all! ). I can go there if I want to be quiet but I do prefer to lie down near my human friends most of the time. I have to share them with 3 other dogs, though. They are alright. The two boys, Lochan, the Little One and Casey the Big Guy usually leave me alone. It’s the other one, the Cinnamon Girl… That one thinks she has to boss me around. Really, who does she thinks she is anyway. I am her elder by many years (don’t ask). She is a little spitfire and she really likes the Big Guy! Oh well, I guess I have lost it!

I am doing ok. I play Frisbee and ball. Tough to do in the snow but it is still fun… These last 4 weeks have been difficult, however, as the Big Guy got hurt and we all had to try to keep him quiet so he could heal. He is better now so we are all breathing a sigh of relief. WE CAN HAVE FUN AGAIN!

I am feeling kind of dejected. There was a kitty cat named Spitts, who stayed downstairs with me, but she decided to move upstairs. Don’t know why! And since I don’t like to climb stairs, I can’t visit her upstairs with her friend, Misty. I wait for her at the bottom. Sometimes, she peeks to see if I am there. I think she wants to play hide and seek!

Otherwise, things are good. The food and lodging are fine. I got some bones to chew on, lots of companionship: life is pretty good right now.

I know this is temporary but I am enjoying myself. That’s it for now. Yours Truly, Oran.

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