Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Duncan and the Cone of Shame

Duncan here again. Since my last post, I have been back to visit Dr. Berzon. He changed my bandage and gave me a soft cast to wear. This time my leg is wrapped in yellow.

I am now walking on my leg but would love to do a bunch more on it but my Foster Mom said I am not allowed.

She fitted me with a regular harness which I wear all the time and of course, the cone of shame! I can't even turn my head without catching that darn thing on something! I've already managed to crack and edge of it so now there is packing tape to hold it together. Don't tell anyone, but I can still manage to get to my bandage if I hold my leg a certain way!

I spent this past weekend at my foster grandparents and their two little jack russel terriers. The female, Courtney, is an old girl. She is now 15 years old but going strong. She really likes the warmth and sleeping but she can get going if you push the right buttons! The other little guy is Mozart. He and I met before my injury and he is a lot of fun to play with. He is much younger and likes squeaky toys like I do!

I had so much fun hanging out with all of them. Unfortunately, the weather was not that great so I didn't get to do much walking like I am supposed to but I did play with Mozart quite a bit. We even played a little tug with my new favorite blue ball toy pictured above.

My foster people finally figured out a contraption to put on my bandage to keep it dry and safe from the rough road outside. Now, I am easily walking half an hour and could go so much more but my Foster mom keeps mumbling about this work thing. Last week I couldn't go that far but today I tried to pull her into a faster gait than a boring walk. It was tiring as she is quite strong you know! I figure she could use the help getting up some of those hills.

Just two more days and I have another bandage change. Maybe this time I can have my foot back and not have it all bandaged up. Dr. Berzon said this time he will probably let me wear the next one for two weeks instead of just one. Then I think it is supposed to come off, Yippee!

Maybe then I can do this:

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Marie said...

Oh, Duncan, I am so sorry to hear of your trials and tribulations! Hang in there, buddy. At least you are loved and warm. Remember the places we both came from!