Sunday, January 3, 2010

Marsh works the Dog Brick

My Aunt Donalee bought this cool Dog brick for my me and my foster brothers and sister for Christmas. This is a fun thing to do inside on super cold days. In the video you'll see how smart I am. Once I get past that first tricky white bone, I really get going. I have to remove the white bones, then slide the panels. There are treats under all of these. Sometimes I use my nose, sometimes my paw. This is only my second time doing this. Check me out!

I have high hopes that my forever family will see how smart and handsome I am, and find me soon in 2010!
Love, Marsh

1 comment:

moo said...

Wow, Marsh, you're so smart - what an awesome present! Can you make my mom get me one, and you can teach me how to use it?? thanks! luv, speckles