Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rigel is ready!!

Hi All Nice Peoples!!

I am all recovered from my "pro-C-jure". I was very well behaved at the vet office. I am not really sure what happened. One minute I was getting a hug from a very nice girl and the next I was waking up in a strange room. Anyway, my foster mom came to gets me soon. When I was ready to leave, I went through the check list. .... Collar, leash, microchip... why do I feel like I am forgetting something? Oh well, I am sure the nice peoples at the animal hospital will mail it to me if I remember what I am forgettingMy coat is growing back and I am fluffy and soft. I have been told that I am very handsome, but my foster mom may be a bit biased. What do you think? I am getting more confident every day, but am still pretty shy when I first meet new peoples. I loves other dogs and would love to have a playful,doggy friend in my new home. Anyways, please watch the NEBCR website for me. I will be making my debut soon!

Your friend, Rigel.
By the way, my name is pronounce RYE-gel, like the blue star. : )


Justin Aucoin said...

Love the face of that second photo. :-)

Anonymous said...

Rigel you are handsome !!!!