Friday, July 29, 2011

Lucy Update

Lucy is doing well and still looking for her forever home. She is such a delight and learning more every day! Here is a clip of her latest accomlishments:

It turns out Lucy loves her food! She is eager to offer all she knows to whoever has a treat! She can now sit, down, starting to come when called, will get in her crate and even on a bed all on cue! We are still working on impulse control but she is also a tugging machine!

We are working on fetch but she hasn't quite caught on to that game yet. I am sure she will soon though.

Happy Desi!

Hi everyone,

I woke up today and I felt like smiling and bouncing! And so I did just that!

It was fun and it made me tired!

Love, Desi

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New dogs in rescue

A call came in yesterday that authorities were removing dogs from an overcrowded NY shelter situation, and several border collies needed our help. Our volunteers dropped everything and drove to get the dogs. We got two yesterday, and at least two more should be coming in today.

The two we got are terribly scared (and flea infested!) and will need lots of time and love to start recovering, but we look forward to seeing them blossom now that they will receive the care they need.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

A reminder...

This past weekend, two of NEBCR volunteers got into a serious roll-over car accident that totalled their truck and camper.

Thankfully, all three of their dogs were safely crated in the back of the car, and despite the horrific picture you can see here, everyone walked out with only minor bruises and scratches.

If you don't crate your dogs or seatbelt them, please reconsider... if you don't have enough room for crates, there are wonderful tested harness products for dogs available. Some of our volunteers swear by the crash tested Roadie Ruff Rider seatbelts .

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ted's Career Aspirations

Hi! Long time, now hear! See, foster parents said it was time to figure out something called 'futurecareer'! So I have been considering all of my options...

Ball supervisor?
World class dancer?
Cosmetic dentist?
Leash designer?
Finally, while contemplating life in my house yesterday, it dawned on me! I can be a magician! So when foster mom and dad got home from dinner last night, I surprised them! Instead of two dogs by the door, they were greeted by three, hehe! Just like David Copperfield - they left me in a locked cage, and I figured out how to get out to go and play with my friends. TedMagic, hehe.

I am now feeling little tired after all the hard thinking, so I am going to take a nap now so my mind is sharp when foster mom leaves the house so I can come up with more things to do, okay?
Love, NaughtyDogTed

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Scarlet plays!

Hi, it's me, Scarlet.

I have been stalking this weird basket full of furry and round things over the last few weeks at my foster home. Something made a noise in there and maybe it's alive and might pop out at me.

Well today I stepped on one of these things that Dash left out on the floor (a toy, I believe it's called) and heard that noise again. It really freaked me out and I jumped back out of the way! Then it happened again!

Pretty soon I realized that I could make it happen by biting it! I drug it around for awhile, checking back with my foster mom every few seconds to make sure it was safe.
This was my first attempt:

Once I started playing, there was no stopping me.
Here I am having a blast squeaking that thing and dragging it all over the room!

Here is one more video of me playing like a real dog (sorry, my foster mom apparently thought this was a big deal, she kept on filming me)...kind of embarassing....

Finally this happened:

More after I rest up a bit....
Luv, Scarlet