Thursday, July 14, 2011

A reminder...

This past weekend, two of NEBCR volunteers got into a serious roll-over car accident that totalled their truck and camper.

Thankfully, all three of their dogs were safely crated in the back of the car, and despite the horrific picture you can see here, everyone walked out with only minor bruises and scratches.

If you don't crate your dogs or seatbelt them, please reconsider... if you don't have enough room for crates, there are wonderful tested harness products for dogs available. Some of our volunteers swear by the crash tested Roadie Ruff Rider seatbelts .

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Mary M said...

I am so glad everyone is ok. My friends think I should allow my pets to roam free in my vechile. I do not. They are always in a crate. You can never be to safe.