Friday, July 29, 2011

Lucy Update

Lucy is doing well and still looking for her forever home. She is such a delight and learning more every day! Here is a clip of her latest accomlishments:

It turns out Lucy loves her food! She is eager to offer all she knows to whoever has a treat! She can now sit, down, starting to come when called, will get in her crate and even on a bed all on cue! We are still working on impulse control but she is also a tugging machine!

We are working on fetch but she hasn't quite caught on to that game yet. I am sure she will soon though.

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Ellen said...

She is such a sweet pea. I wish so much we could take her, but although we have a huge property we are not fenced (all of our guys s know to run to the meadow as soon as the door opens, because that is where the sticks, jumps, weave poles and games all are.