Sunday, August 21, 2011

Meet Gidget!

Gidget is a 4 month puppy just come into rescue. She is a sweet little thing with a lot of personality!
Gidget is still learning the rules of living in a house like when to go outside and to love going in her crate but that's what puppies do! She will probably mature to be about 35-40 pounds and maybe 20" at the shoulder.
Gidget gets along with every dog she meets. She is respectful and backs right off if another dog tells her so. She is curious but reserved meeting new people but warms up quickly with some treats. Oh, she LOVES treats!
Here's Gidget on a play date with another 4 month puppy, Shaboo:
They really hit it off and Shaboo enticed Gidget to chase him which she was happy to oblige! You can see the herding drive kick in as they play but all very appropriate.
She even shows some propensity for the agility ring! Bravely following one of my dogs in the tunnels in the yard, then going through them on her own to explore.
Gidget will be available for adoption very soon and promises to make someone very happy! Watch for her to come on the site soon!

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Melissa M. said...

Adorable video!