Saturday, March 28, 2009

Layne plays with the jolly ball

Hi! I'm Layne and I like to play with the Jolly Ball! And I also like to hang out with my friends!

I'm pretty cute, if I do say so myself! My foster momma says everybody's gonna want me to come home with them, but I'm gonna be choosy about who I want to go home with! Maybe it will be you . . .

Miss Lovely Layne

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I graduated!

Hi, it's me, Zoey. I'm wearing my graduation bandana today!

I have been going to this fun class where my foster mom lets me eat llloootttsss of yummy treats. All I have to do to get the treats is sit, lay down, touch her hand with my nose, stay in different positions, not jump on people and whip my head around when she says my name.

Oh, and my favorite game is 'leave it'. I DON'T eat a treat that she throws on the ground, so then she FEEDS ME a better one! It's the best game ever. Here I am demonstrating my 'down' and 'leave it'.

I was definitely nervous each week when I entered the building (because I'm shy) but I got more and more relaxed each time. Foster mom feeds me a treat if I look at scary new people and dogs. Weird, but it relaxes me. She says I still need to practice all these skills in different places, but I did great on my graduation night. Now I get to be a couch potato on Monday nights again, yay! -Zoey

Monday, March 2, 2009


Here I am walking on water! It's great fun. There is a lot of wide open spaces out here and I can run and run and run. I'm really fast! The only thing stopping me from running forever is the darn long leash that I have to drag. I'm told it's for my own safety.

This is my foster sister, Kenzie. She's annoying. She loves to chase me when I am running, which would be o.k. if she didn't try to nip me all the time! Guess that is something that a lot of border collies do!

And here I am as my foster mom's co-pilot. I may not be a purebred border collie, but I'm as smart as one! I even tested for and passed my Canine Good Citizen test! And yesterday at "school," I was used as the "tester dog" for other dogs that were trying to get their CGC!

Snowy Zoey!

Hi, I'm Zoey, making my debut here on the foster dog blog....weeee!!! It's March 2nd and we got another giant snowstorm! I had a blast this morning running around with my foster brothers and sister. My obedience class got cancelled for tonight, but I'll probably be too tired by then anyway!

Here's a video of me playing chase with my foster brother, Marsh:

My foster mom says I'm hard to photograph because I'm always zooming around like this:

Thanks for reading my first blog. Gotta go inside and warm up now!