Monday, March 2, 2009


Here I am walking on water! It's great fun. There is a lot of wide open spaces out here and I can run and run and run. I'm really fast! The only thing stopping me from running forever is the darn long leash that I have to drag. I'm told it's for my own safety.

This is my foster sister, Kenzie. She's annoying. She loves to chase me when I am running, which would be o.k. if she didn't try to nip me all the time! Guess that is something that a lot of border collies do!

And here I am as my foster mom's co-pilot. I may not be a purebred border collie, but I'm as smart as one! I even tested for and passed my Canine Good Citizen test! And yesterday at "school," I was used as the "tester dog" for other dogs that were trying to get their CGC!


Allison Bryant said...

Brenna, I can't believe no one has adopted you yet! You are so cool, I'm sure it'll be soon. LUV ur coat. I don't have one of those.

Tom said...

Brenna is a beautiful girl too. Nice coat. Lacey has one, but when she has it on, it makes her turn in to a statue. Can't move. Just stands there, stiff.