Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ay ay ay...Ayla the *typical* BC puppy

Ayla, formerly Kelsi, has been running circles (literally)
around her adopters' house.

And clearly having a grand time.

Ayla's adopters are clever though
and they are keeping her mind
and little spazzy puppy body actively engaged.

Agility rock star in the making!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ted is AdopTed

Todayz, I got a new seksy collar and jingly thingz called the tagz. And the goodiez came with something called 'a home'! I am not longer a 'fosterdog Ted'! Instead, I am proudz to announze that I have been PromoTed to being AdopTed!

This iz good because being AdopTed comes with not one, but two! personal head scratchers. Herez one serving me:

My promotion to AdopTed also comez with a personal border collie to accommodatez my snuggling and playing needz! Here he iz!

So life is good! I will be signing off now to go and be buzy, but I hope you all get promoted too!
Love, AdopTed