Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bailey's winter adventures

Hi everyone,

It's me, Bailey! And I am having soooo much fun this winter! We have been doing something called skiing, and it's awesome! My foster parents say I can only run in the deep white stuff if it's fluffy, because the heavy white stuff is not good for my knees, but it's okay because we always go to places that are 'groomed'. I haven't seen them use nailclippers or brushes to 'groom' the white stuff, but I bet that's what the humans do to make it less fluffy?

Anyhow, I have also been playing snow chase games with my foster siblings!

Anyhow, I am now feeling little tired, so I think I will go and snooze on the couch. Talk to you later, okay?!

Love, Bailey aka BaileyBear

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Please consider this opportunity to help the breed

Tufts university animal behavior clinic is currently conducting two studies in Border Collies.

1. Collecting behavior information of shadow/light chasing Border Collies through their questionnaire and 5-10 mls of blood sample from the dog for the genetic analysis. They also collect non-shadow/light chasing Border Collie information and blood samples too as a control group sample. They will reimburse all costs for blood sampling and shipping.

2. For affected dogs, they are also conducting treatment(medication)response study.

If you have interests to participate either/both study or any further questions, please contact Niwako Ogata at 508-887-4702 or

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sport's Agility Practice

Sport is one year and three months old.

He has been doing agility for only a few months, so you can see he is picking it up fast!

Sport would LOVE to be adopted by someone who will continue his agility training.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Rusty's dream came true...

... the sheepies came out and he got to work! Isn't he great?

And he can play agility too! What a superdog!

All he needs to get done now is to find his forever home!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Rusty's idea of a good day!!!!

Trying to squeeze through the fence:

To get to the you-know-what:


Snowy day for Kramer!

Not that he's exceedingly thrilled with the depth of the snow (about 15 inches) ,

but he did romp and zoomie and slurp some of it up for a little bit before barking at the door to go back into the warm house.

Hope you are all enjoying your snow day as well!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Meet Nicholas:
Nicholas is a dear, sweet 10 year old Border collie (or BC mix) who has had more than his fair share of hardships in life.  Now in foster care, he is trying to move beyond all of that and move toward a new beginning!  When he first came into foster care, it appeared he had shut down his feelings altogether.  However, we are happy to report that as he has bonded with his foster family, he has begun to accept petting and belly rubs, and it has become clear he truly enjoys the attention!  Slowly, as he begins to let his true personality show, we are glimpsing the lovable and silly dog inside, who, when the time is right, will thrive on the doting attention and companionship of a caring family.  

Nicholas has become a shadow to his foster mom, never far from her if he can help it.  He also enjoys the company of his canine foster brother and sisters, showing an interest in trying to join in with them as they chase balls and frisbees.  He also shows a keen interest in livestock, his eyes dancing when he sees the cows and ducks in nearby pastures.  Unfortunately, though the spirit is willing, Nicholas' body is not cooperating right now with his desire to join in all the border collie games.

Sadly, Nicholas was allowed to become grossly overweight, which, along with arthritis, makes it difficult for him to go up and down more than a few stairs. Sometimes he finds it difficult to lie comfortably for more than short naps, needing to get up and reposition himself to stay comfortable.  Nicholas has been put on a weight reduction program to try and help him lose this excess weight - he is certain to feel years younger once it comes off, and his arthritis should cause him much less pain as well.  He is currently taking supplements and pain medication to keep keep the pain under control as much as possible.

In addition to this, Nicholas suffers from chronic allergies that were left untreated or his first 8 years - leaving him, at times, with large areas of missing hair and irritated, itchy skin.   These severe symptoms are under control thanks to a proper diet and medication, however some chronic skin and ear problems remain.

Finally, as if the above problems weren't enough, Nicholas was also diagnosed as diabetic. This may have been caused by medications used to control his skin problems.  Due to the diabetes, his diet has to be carefully regulated, and Nicholas requires 2 insulin injections each day. 

Nicholas accepts each of his medications and his insulin injections quietly and with dignity.  He is grateful to receive a pat and a belly rub in trade, and happy to carry on shadowing his foster mom and longing for more mobility to join in the fun and games going on about him.

With continued support from New England Border Collie Rescue and his dedicated foster mom, Nicholas will get the chance to return to a healthy and comfortable weight, and he will have the opportunity to try herding ducks or chasing balls.  Nicholas is available for adoption to a loving and dedicated family committed to providing the care that he needs and deserves.  In the meantime, he will continue to receive this care in his foster home.  If you would consider opening your home to Nicholas, please contact us.  If you would like to make a donation toward the cost of his care and treatment, please visit our donation page.