Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bailey's winter adventures

Hi everyone,

It's me, Bailey! And I am having soooo much fun this winter! We have been doing something called skiing, and it's awesome! My foster parents say I can only run in the deep white stuff if it's fluffy, because the heavy white stuff is not good for my knees, but it's okay because we always go to places that are 'groomed'. I haven't seen them use nailclippers or brushes to 'groom' the white stuff, but I bet that's what the humans do to make it less fluffy?

Anyhow, I have also been playing snow chase games with my foster siblings!

Anyhow, I am now feeling little tired, so I think I will go and snooze on the couch. Talk to you later, okay?!

Love, Bailey aka BaileyBear

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