Monday, November 30, 2009

Hi there! I'm Keely and I've been in rescue a few months now. I've been learning how to play with other dogs and how to not wanna eat cats (still working on that one!). I've been living with another NEBCR foster dog - Sir Casey GoodDog - and two other foster brothers.

My foster mom says I'm a pretty little thing with a whole lot of bounce in me. She's right 'cause I sure do like to bounce! She calls me her little pogo stick.

Guess that's all I have to say for to you later!

~Keely the Brave

Casey Update

Hi All, Sir Casey GoodDog here with an update on my condition. I had my second hip surgery in the beginning of October and I have been healing pretty well. I get daily physical therapy sessions and I look forward to the day I can beat my foster brothers to the frisbee when we play fetch!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I personally am thankful that I can run and play with less pain now.

Sir Casey GoodDog

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Hi! I'm Sugar. I am camera shy, so there are not too many pictures of me. When I first came to live with my foster mom and dad, Kara and Erich, everything was SO scary. I went outside in a big fenced yard and started meeting my foster brothers and sisters. There were so many of them! The little ones are so quick. I wasn't sure if I'd like them or not. They were all nice to me and I learned that dogs are dogs, no matter what their size.

The first time I was brought inside I was not sure what to make of all of the floors. I did not want to walk on any of them. But it didn't take me long to learn that I got really good treats everytime I took a step. This was going to be good! Now I can walk everywhere! I have even been to frisbee events and pet expos. I love people, especially the kids. I got my first glimpse on Halloween and I couldn't wait for the next ones. I am so gentle. Everytime I see one, I patiently sit at their side until they pet me. And who wouldn't want to pet me??

I had to go to a place called the vet. My mom and dad said they would see me the next day. That place was a little scary. I finally got to go home after a day. I was still so sleepy, but I was feeling better after all my shots and my spay. I got a clean bill of health!

My mom and dad say the hardest thing has been my house training. When I first got here, I would just go anytime and anywhere I had to. I didnt't know. I had lived in a small kennel all my life and was not gven the opportunity to go outside of my kennel. Mom and dad have had lots of patience with me. They put me on a schedule and taught me how to use the dog door. I love that I get to go outside whenever I want! When I can get outside (when mom and dad are home) I am all the way housebroken! If I can't get out I can only hold it for about 4 hours. But that's SO much better then I was doing. I will still go in my crate if left in there for long periods, but I'm never in there that long anymore :)

I love to play! I play with the other dogs, especially Lalo and by myself. I do not really like to play with people... but I'm sure I will learn to like it. But, be careful, I have been known to steal things within my reach and chew them up! Nothing is safe! I have been given lots of chewies so I know what to chew and what not to chew. It's really hard being me, there is so much to learn!

I still have a few habits that I am trying to break, but everything takes time. I still spin and bark when the other dogs are barking in crates, but I am getting better. The other time I bark is when my dinner is more then 15 minutes late. Sometimes I think my mom is going to forget, so I make sure I remind her. I wouldn't want to miss a meal!

Life in Millbrook, NY is pretty good. I have met lots of new people, got lots of new toys, new brothers and sisters, and I got to learn new tricks to keep my mind sharp. There is always something going on here... I hope you keep checking back for updates! I have a lot to say!

Saturday, November 28, 2009


I am Genny (fka Spice) of the Lucky 7. And on behalf of my six friends from Tennessee, I think we really ARE lucky.
When I arrived at Sugarbush Farm to be taken care of by NEBCR I was a mess. My fur was all matted and sticky, and I felt yucky.

But there were lots of people there who worked really hard to help me feel better.

I love people! I know that if I sit in front of people and give my paw that I will get lots of smiles and pats and even cookies. So I go up to people a lot. But if they move really fast or reach toward my collar, I splat down to the ground really fast. My Mom thinks I learned that in Tennessee because I was afraid, but I don't want to talk about that. I want to talk about good things.

I got the chance to live at Sugarbush with my friends from Tennessee (Meara, Rigel, Andy, Sugar, Scotlund, and Faith) and some red boys and all the border collies that live there permanently or temporarily. I like it there. Lots of volunteers came to help during my first weeks. That is when I met Bekah. For almost a week I lived at the farm with her and her mom in their house-on-wheels. That was fun. Bek is crazy, but she liked having me around.

When I was ready, Bek came back to play with me and introduce me to her Boston Terrier sister, Raechel. We stayed in her house-on-wheels for a week again! Then I got to go home with Bek, so she could be my foster sister. She lives with lots of Boston Terriers-- so they became my foster brothers and sisters, too. With Bek I learned about Boston Terriers; I learned about how fun people and dogs at agility are; I learned about doggy school; I learned about sheepies; and I learned about having Scotties for cousins. I am trying to learn about manners, and my Dad says I am doing well. I sleep very nicely during family nap time!
But most of all I have been learning about how to live in a family.

I love my foster family, and on the day before Thanksgiving I got the wonderful news that I can keep them forever. They are my forever family.

Mom says I am no longer a foster sister. I have been adopted. So it was a very happy Thanksgiving...and I have a lot to be thankful for.

Monday, November 23, 2009

HELP - we're falling behind in the voting!!

NEBCR is currently involved in a voting contest to win much-needed grant money.


The rescue name is New England Border Collie Rescue, and the state we're incorporated in is CT. Once you enter the name and state, NEBCR will appear in the list. Just click the "vote" button. You can vote once each day, and any and all votes are greatly appreciated! If you have any dog loving family/friends, feel free to pass this along and encourage them to vote every day!

Thank you for your support!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Andy Update

This is me, Andy, again. The first picture is me after my bath this week. I've finally decided that FD is NOT trying to kill me and I was actually pretty calm for my bath. I guess I am getting used to it. The second picture is me waiting to get back into the house. That is Lady's nose in the corner of the picture. We like to push each other around on the top step! The third thing is a video my FBL (Foster Brother Liam) took of me this morning running around the yard. The voice you hear is my FD (Foster Dad) trying to get me to run around a little bit instead of just heading back into the house.

On Friday, FM and FD took me to Manchester to another dog doctor, Deb Kelloway. She has all sorts of fancy equipment in her office. She did a echocardiogram on me and said my heart looked normal, which I guess means it is heart shaped. Did she think it would be square? She did another EKG on me only this time they gave me some atropine to see what it would do to my heart rate. Wow, did it make me energetic. I thought she was trying to kill me so she had to put me in a crate they had there and then I settled down so she could do her test. So anyway she sent all my test results to a cardiologist and guess what they want to do? MORE TESTS! I am really tired of going to dog doctors.

FM tells me that this week is Thanksgiving and we are going to have some company. FD's mom is coming from Philadelphia and his daughter is coming from Bozeman, Montana. FM's brother is coming and bringing his partner too. I think I'll probably hang out in my crate while this "company" is around. FM tells me that Thanksgiving is time to give thanks for everything we have.

So, here is my list of things I am thankful for:

1. My foster family

2. A warm place to live

3. Lots of good food

4. A yard to run around in and lots of nice walks

FM and FD and FB (Liam) also want to say they are thankful to the HSUS for getting me, Meara, Faith, Scotlund, Sugar, Smokey and Spice out of the puppy mill we were in, to Emily Wu and the Chittendens for taking us in, lice covered and all, and to all the great volunteers in New England Border Collie Rescue, Inc. who transported, bathed, fed, tended to and helped the Lucky 7 get into their foster homes.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 20, 2009

so nervous!

Hi everyone, I'm Meara (fka Emily) and also one of the Lucky 7. "meara" means 'full of mirth/happiness' and it's something my foster mom says she hopes I grow into. I'm not sure about that, though...the world and people are really just TOO SCARY! Anyway, she told me that Andy was a brave boy and posted on "the blog", so I think if Andy can do it, maybe I can, too.

I've been at my foster home for a month now, and still prefer to hang out in my Safe Places. Of course, my crate is one of them, but I am growing to like Under the Bed much, much more!

See how comfortable it is in there? I even brought some toys and bones in there to play with, and I can see everything from under there! Foster mom makes me go outside a few times a day, and if I *really* have to potty, I will...but I much prefer to save everything until it won't fit in me anymore...or if she leaves me free in the room and goes away for a few minutes, I will sneak out of my Safe Place and go's much safer in My Room. Not sure why she calls herself a "dummy" when she finds it, though...she just needs to realize that this is a much better arrangement for me.

I think foster mom doesn't want to hurt me, but I'm still not sure...I am much braver when she's not around. But I DO know that her hands always have yummy treats in them! Every time her hand comes near me, I stick out my nose to find it. And I also don't really scuttle around anymore. Foster mom is very happy with the "Meara steps"...she says something about them being infinitely smaller than "baby steps", but she's just weird that way.

This is me at the Farm, where I lived for 3 weeks before going home with foster mom...there aren't many pictures of me standing up all the way, and foster mom thought it would be nice for people to really see me. Totally overrated. I weigh just under 30lbs, but foster mom says I should probably gain another pound or two. I get to eat raw food here, and I love it!! I clean my bowl every night...foster mom is putting fish oil capsules in my food to help my coat grow back nice and healthy, since it seems that I might have had a litter in my recent past.

Anyway, I guess I don't really have much to say right now...I've got some stuff to figure out...and more importantly, it's suppertime!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Lucky 7 - Andy

Hi! This is me, Andy, from the Lucky 7 and my foster mom out for a walk today. It was warm so I'm panting in my second picture. I'm very camera shy so my foster dad couldn't get any really good pictures of me. My foster mom and dad say I am really "cute" though. They also say I am a "good" dog. I walk well on leash except when a car goes by and then I go into "commando" mode down the side of the road and I pull.
I am living in New Hampshire now. I'm not sure what is new about it, because it's all new to me. I live with two other dogs, a cat and a boy who is 12. I get along fine with everyone EXCEPT the next door neighbor's dog. I don't like him one bit. He is a "boxer" so I think that means he wants to fight. In any event, I don't like him to be around so I bark at him to try to scare him away. I like dogs that look like me or that are smaller than me.
The two dogs that live with me are ok. In fact, I kind of like to walk in a pack with them and I definitely prefer to have them with me rather than to be left alone in the house. I do NOT like it when Kyle barks though and he barks A LOT. I tend to head for my crate when he starts barking. I wish I had ear plugs! I also don't like other loud noises, like gun shots. If I hear anything loud like that, I go to my crate, where it is safe. If I am outside and I hear a loud noise, I can't concentrate on doing my business, but instead I run to the door to be let in, where it is safe.
I've been in my new home for a little over a month now. I've had to go to the dog doctor a couple of times and I don't like that at all. He's always sticking me with stuff. I do like the girls who work in his office though. They are PRETTY and NICE.
My favorite toy is a paper bag. I like to take stuff out of the paper recycling bin and recycle it into confetti. That is much better than a noisy squeaky toy. Mom calls me "Andrew" when she finds my latest confetti creation.
I weigh 40 pounds and my foster family is trying to get me to gain a little weight. I take treats very gently. My foster family is pretty nice EXCEPT I am sure they are trying to kill me with this smelly stuff they call "shampoo". I have no idea what it is used for, but it smells really, really bad and when they put it on me and get me wet, I think they are trying to kill me. I try really hard to get away. They say it is "lavendar shampoo" which is supposed to calm me down. Hah. The only thing that calms me down are belly rubs and I'll gladly roll over for one.
So I'm doing ok in New Hampshire. Mom says I have to go see a cardiologist next week to see what is going on with me. She's always putting a stethoscope on my chest and taking my heart rate. Apparently, it's low and that could be a problem. Anyway, I hope the cardiologist doesn't stick me with anything. And I hope the car ride isn't too long either. I'm just learning to like car rides, but the shorter they are, the better.
I'll keep you posted on what happens at the cardiologist. Hopefully it is no big deal and I can find my forever family soon!

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Hi! I am a new foster dog ready for adoption! I have spent the last month learning how to interact with humans. This is my first blog ever so please bear with me. I just wanted to introduce myself.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Introducing Rigel (Smokey)


Umm, I am a bit shy, but I guess I can introduce myself. I have never really done this before because I never really had a name.

Now I do!

These peoples here call me Rigel. (Pronounced RY'-gel) I love this name! It is just my opinion and all, but I think Rigel is the best name EVER!!
When the people say it, I get pets and treats! How sweet is that!

They tell me that I am named after a blue star in the Orion constellation. (Not sure what that is, I will have to Google it) This is cuz they say I am a blue and white border collie. I thinks I am more like charcoal grey. But I am not going to argue with these nice peoples. I don't likes to argue with anyone. I am more of an 'agree to disagree' kind of a boy.

I am one of New England Border Collie Rescue's 'LUCKY 7'.

Let me tell you!!!.... I am one lucky pup. That is for sure! I used to be at some yucky place somewhere far away in they call Tennessee. I spent my whole life, all 18 months of it in dirty kennel there.

Some nice peoples in Tennessee took me out of that place and brought me up here. When I got here, I was SOO skeerd that I was afraid to walks on the rope thing. Even though everyone was nice, I just didn't know what to do,...... so I flopped down on the ground.
But everybody was very friendly. They told me I was ok and gave me the most delicious treats I ever ate and clean fresh water to drink!!! I did need to get a hair cut and bath since I was so dirty and my fur was all tangled and matted.

Now I gots this funny 'first day of school' hair cut, but everyone says my fur will grow back long and soft and handsome. My head is still fluffy though. Peoples laugh and smile at me because they say I looks like a Muppet. They says I am 'SO CUTE'!

I don't know what that means but I do know that it gets me some extra, super yummy treats.

Wow! I LOVES peoples now! ........Ok, really, I still am shy at first, but I do loves all peoples and animals. When I got to my new foster home, I was so, so sceerd and lonely that I just curled up on my bed and stayed there. My foster family felt so bad for me. They would walk by, give me treats and pets. They would tell me I was safe, but I was still sceered and confused. After all, I have never lived in a house before.

After about a week, I began to realize, "Hey! I really, kind of like it here!"

I began getting very brave and exploring the house and yard. At first with the company of my foster family then....get this... ALL BY MY SELF!
Yup! Like I said, I am getting very brave!

Then it happened.... I fell in love. Yes, I LOVE,LOVE, LOVE my foster mom!
She loves me too. She even has this cute little nickname for me. She calls me 'Her Stalker' because I am always with her, always watching her and always waiting for pet and treats.

Well I been here about a month and I am just starting to play a bit and I gets a quick burst of what they calls the 'Zoomies'. I runs around like crazy. I runs like I never have run before!
My mom gets so happy when I do that! She cheers me on and says, "Go Rigel!!! RunRunRun!! Yeah!" She sometimes runs with me! She pretends to 'playbow' and runs around like a puppy too! I think it is funny!

She is apparently trying to encourage this puppy-like play and quite obviously doesn't care what the neighbors think!

Now I even play with toys! Do you know what toys are???!!! I just learned about them! Sometimes they squeak and sometimes they try to roll away from you! Sometimes they don't do nothing, but they are good to chew on anyway!

My mom wants me to say that not only am I cute, but I am very smart too! I learns things VERY fast, especially when there is treat involved! I love being a 'good boy'! My tail wags like crazy at just the words, "Good Boy!" I love my crate, I love to snuggle and I love treats. I have NEVER even had ONE accident in the house! Can you believe that! My foster mom can't! She is so impressed with me!

I also just discovered these REALLY cool things called couches and big peoples beds! Let me just tell you, "WOW! " If you don't have those in your home, your should really get them!

As of right now, I am learning not to be sceerd of new thing and new places and new peoples.
I never knew there was such a huge world out there! There is so much to explore!
Eventually, I will be looking for my real, true, forever home, but right now, I still got a lot to learn. I will get there a little at a time. That's all for now!

Your friend,

Sunday, November 1, 2009

It's Chip's Anniversary! (But we're not sure that's a good thing.)

This is Chip. He just celebrated an anniversary. It's not really the best kind of anniversary to have, though. You see, it was Chip's 1 year anniversary of looking for a forever home. That's a long time, especially when you're a dog. Chip also celebrated an 9th birthday recently, in September. He had a pretty good celebration of his anniversaries with is foster family, but not nearly as good as he would have had celebrating anniversaries with his forever family. He really, really hopes that the next time one of his anniversaries rolls around, he has a real adoptive family to celebrate with. Maybe you can help him make that happen?
There is so much to love about this border collie. He is very sweet, and just loves getting attention. He is very, very playful and LOVES to play fetch, tug, and keep-away.
Chip has his border collie quirks, but really, who doesn't? He has a very strong chase drive, and so he cannot be off leash in an unfenced area. The temptation to chase cars is just too strong. However, he's smart, and he doesn't bother with trying to chase them when he is in the fenced yard.
He also cannot live with small furry critters - their quick movements are too much for him! He does live with three smart cats in his foster home. After initial interest in them, he completely ignores them. However, they never run. We do not know how he would do around cats that ran.
Much better to channel that chase drive to his toys! There's something he loves to do, and he can do it with you! What a great way to build a strong relationship.
Sometimes, Chip doesn't want to let go of the toy, but if you are patient, he does drop the toy for you. He's also doing much better about not diving in and snatching it back up before you have a chance to pick it up. He's pretty smart and he does catch onto routines quickly.
Chip is looking for a home where, ideally, he can be the only dog. For the most part, he gets along just fine with other dogs, but he sometimes gets very into his games of fetch, and is rather rude to the other dogs. He doesn't really like to share his toys with them.
He is quite happy to share his toys with his people though!! Nothing makes his day more than the chance to run and play!
Then he is happy to come inside and snuggle with you. What more could you ask for from your best friend?
Chip also has some food allergies, so he needs to eat a diet that doesn't exacerbate those. He is currently doing wonderfully on a raw diet, his skin and coat look fantastic! However, if his new family cannot continue that diet, we can give other recommendations to keep him healthy and feeling great.
Since Chip is out of the crazy adolescent border collie stage, he doesn't require an immense amount of exercise. He'll happily play as much fetch as you like, but when you are done, whether it be after a few throws or a few dozen throws, he is happy to settle in wherever you are and just keep you company.
He also enjoys taking a walk with you. He has very good leash manners, although, if you have to walk where there are cars, he will show his interest in them. A gentle leader head halter will help redirect his attention back to you, though. He'll show similar interest in passing dogs. He really, really, wants to meet them, and the silly part is, once he does, he just ignores them (unless they are running, then he wants to chase, chase, chase!)
In honor of Chip's anniversary, he got upgraded to a leather collar. He is pretty proud of this fact, and posed for some pictures so you could admire his handsome self.
"Do you like my new collar?" He asks, "I sure do!"
Now he's all ready to begin his second year as a foster dog, but he surely hopes, that soon he'll be able to say he's an adopted dog!
Maybe you, or someone you know, is looking for a fun loving, mature best friend? Please note that border collies are a notoriously long lived breed, commonly living to be 14 or 15 years of age, and we often hear of border collies living to be 18+ years of age! Chip is really hoping his age isn't scaring you off. He's still an energetic, fun loving dog for many years left to provide you with love and companionship. Other than his allergies which are easily dealt with through a proper diet, he has no health concerns at all. His teeth are in great shape, and he is fully up to date on all his veterinary requirements.
Chip, posing here with his new toy, is looking forward to meeting his new family soon!
He's ready and waiting, although he does hope he doesn't have to wait too much longer.

Even if your home isn't the right one for our friend Chip, won't you pass the word along? Perhaps you can post a link on your facebook page, in your blog, to an online discussion group you might belong to, or simple send an email about him to your friends! Perhaps we could get Chip into his forever home for the Holidays. What a nice gift that would be for him.