Sunday, November 15, 2009

Lucky 7 - Andy

Hi! This is me, Andy, from the Lucky 7 and my foster mom out for a walk today. It was warm so I'm panting in my second picture. I'm very camera shy so my foster dad couldn't get any really good pictures of me. My foster mom and dad say I am really "cute" though. They also say I am a "good" dog. I walk well on leash except when a car goes by and then I go into "commando" mode down the side of the road and I pull.
I am living in New Hampshire now. I'm not sure what is new about it, because it's all new to me. I live with two other dogs, a cat and a boy who is 12. I get along fine with everyone EXCEPT the next door neighbor's dog. I don't like him one bit. He is a "boxer" so I think that means he wants to fight. In any event, I don't like him to be around so I bark at him to try to scare him away. I like dogs that look like me or that are smaller than me.
The two dogs that live with me are ok. In fact, I kind of like to walk in a pack with them and I definitely prefer to have them with me rather than to be left alone in the house. I do NOT like it when Kyle barks though and he barks A LOT. I tend to head for my crate when he starts barking. I wish I had ear plugs! I also don't like other loud noises, like gun shots. If I hear anything loud like that, I go to my crate, where it is safe. If I am outside and I hear a loud noise, I can't concentrate on doing my business, but instead I run to the door to be let in, where it is safe.
I've been in my new home for a little over a month now. I've had to go to the dog doctor a couple of times and I don't like that at all. He's always sticking me with stuff. I do like the girls who work in his office though. They are PRETTY and NICE.
My favorite toy is a paper bag. I like to take stuff out of the paper recycling bin and recycle it into confetti. That is much better than a noisy squeaky toy. Mom calls me "Andrew" when she finds my latest confetti creation.
I weigh 40 pounds and my foster family is trying to get me to gain a little weight. I take treats very gently. My foster family is pretty nice EXCEPT I am sure they are trying to kill me with this smelly stuff they call "shampoo". I have no idea what it is used for, but it smells really, really bad and when they put it on me and get me wet, I think they are trying to kill me. I try really hard to get away. They say it is "lavendar shampoo" which is supposed to calm me down. Hah. The only thing that calms me down are belly rubs and I'll gladly roll over for one.
So I'm doing ok in New Hampshire. Mom says I have to go see a cardiologist next week to see what is going on with me. She's always putting a stethoscope on my chest and taking my heart rate. Apparently, it's low and that could be a problem. Anyway, I hope the cardiologist doesn't stick me with anything. And I hope the car ride isn't too long either. I'm just learning to like car rides, but the shorter they are, the better.
I'll keep you posted on what happens at the cardiologist. Hopefully it is no big deal and I can find my forever family soon!


Helen said...

Hey Andy, My brother Merlin always had a slow heart rate and the vets said that it was just because he was an "athlete".
Love, Robin

Anonymous said...

Hey Andy---Don't be afraid of the Doctor --you will be well --and in your forever home soon---a slow heart rate is one sign of an athlete,so maybe that is all it is--you look alot like the Andy I had for 15 years so heres to a long healthy,happy life!! Karen