Saturday, November 28, 2009


I am Genny (fka Spice) of the Lucky 7. And on behalf of my six friends from Tennessee, I think we really ARE lucky.
When I arrived at Sugarbush Farm to be taken care of by NEBCR I was a mess. My fur was all matted and sticky, and I felt yucky.

But there were lots of people there who worked really hard to help me feel better.

I love people! I know that if I sit in front of people and give my paw that I will get lots of smiles and pats and even cookies. So I go up to people a lot. But if they move really fast or reach toward my collar, I splat down to the ground really fast. My Mom thinks I learned that in Tennessee because I was afraid, but I don't want to talk about that. I want to talk about good things.

I got the chance to live at Sugarbush with my friends from Tennessee (Meara, Rigel, Andy, Sugar, Scotlund, and Faith) and some red boys and all the border collies that live there permanently or temporarily. I like it there. Lots of volunteers came to help during my first weeks. That is when I met Bekah. For almost a week I lived at the farm with her and her mom in their house-on-wheels. That was fun. Bek is crazy, but she liked having me around.

When I was ready, Bek came back to play with me and introduce me to her Boston Terrier sister, Raechel. We stayed in her house-on-wheels for a week again! Then I got to go home with Bek, so she could be my foster sister. She lives with lots of Boston Terriers-- so they became my foster brothers and sisters, too. With Bek I learned about Boston Terriers; I learned about how fun people and dogs at agility are; I learned about doggy school; I learned about sheepies; and I learned about having Scotties for cousins. I am trying to learn about manners, and my Dad says I am doing well. I sleep very nicely during family nap time!
But most of all I have been learning about how to live in a family.

I love my foster family, and on the day before Thanksgiving I got the wonderful news that I can keep them forever. They are my forever family.

Mom says I am no longer a foster sister. I have been adopted. So it was a very happy Thanksgiving...and I have a lot to be thankful for.


Amy said...

Congratulations, Miss Genny! Your new family is so lucky to be able to have a lovely gal like you in their lives forever.

kavita said...

great news, sweet genny!

Caitlin said...

congrats, Genny. You are lucky indeed. Can't wait to see you again. Have fun with Bek and your pack of BTs.

Elise said...

Yeah! Awesome!!

Monique-NEBCR said...

We're all thrilled for you Genny - and so fitting that you were adopted on Thanksgiving Day! We all wish you a long and happy life filled with fun and love... and Bostons! :)

moo said...

getting adopted is the best news you ever! congrats, Genny, Kim, Bek + the rest of the B+W crew!!!

Helen said...

Congratulations Genny. Isn't NEBCR just GREAT!!!!From your friend Robin