Friday, November 20, 2009

so nervous!

Hi everyone, I'm Meara (fka Emily) and also one of the Lucky 7. "meara" means 'full of mirth/happiness' and it's something my foster mom says she hopes I grow into. I'm not sure about that, though...the world and people are really just TOO SCARY! Anyway, she told me that Andy was a brave boy and posted on "the blog", so I think if Andy can do it, maybe I can, too.

I've been at my foster home for a month now, and still prefer to hang out in my Safe Places. Of course, my crate is one of them, but I am growing to like Under the Bed much, much more!

See how comfortable it is in there? I even brought some toys and bones in there to play with, and I can see everything from under there! Foster mom makes me go outside a few times a day, and if I *really* have to potty, I will...but I much prefer to save everything until it won't fit in me anymore...or if she leaves me free in the room and goes away for a few minutes, I will sneak out of my Safe Place and go's much safer in My Room. Not sure why she calls herself a "dummy" when she finds it, though...she just needs to realize that this is a much better arrangement for me.

I think foster mom doesn't want to hurt me, but I'm still not sure...I am much braver when she's not around. But I DO know that her hands always have yummy treats in them! Every time her hand comes near me, I stick out my nose to find it. And I also don't really scuttle around anymore. Foster mom is very happy with the "Meara steps"...she says something about them being infinitely smaller than "baby steps", but she's just weird that way.

This is me at the Farm, where I lived for 3 weeks before going home with foster mom...there aren't many pictures of me standing up all the way, and foster mom thought it would be nice for people to really see me. Totally overrated. I weigh just under 30lbs, but foster mom says I should probably gain another pound or two. I get to eat raw food here, and I love it!! I clean my bowl every night...foster mom is putting fish oil capsules in my food to help my coat grow back nice and healthy, since it seems that I might have had a litter in my recent past.

Anyway, I guess I don't really have much to say right now...I've got some stuff to figure out...and more importantly, it's suppertime!!


Ellen said...

We are all rooting for you here. Keep taking those Meara steps.

Creed and Carmelita said...

what a sweet being.

Marta... said...

AM crossing y fingers for u Emily, i hope u r gonna get brave and strong lady so u can be adopted to your forever home!

Anonymous said...

Meara steps are better than no steps! keep working at getting your courage up---beautiful ladies like you deserve a happy loving forever home--karen

Helen said...

Meara, Do you have other border collie friends who will help you feel braver? Best wishes for a speedy growth of confidence.
Love, Robin