Sunday, November 1, 2009

It's Chip's Anniversary! (But we're not sure that's a good thing.)

This is Chip. He just celebrated an anniversary. It's not really the best kind of anniversary to have, though. You see, it was Chip's 1 year anniversary of looking for a forever home. That's a long time, especially when you're a dog. Chip also celebrated an 9th birthday recently, in September. He had a pretty good celebration of his anniversaries with is foster family, but not nearly as good as he would have had celebrating anniversaries with his forever family. He really, really hopes that the next time one of his anniversaries rolls around, he has a real adoptive family to celebrate with. Maybe you can help him make that happen?
There is so much to love about this border collie. He is very sweet, and just loves getting attention. He is very, very playful and LOVES to play fetch, tug, and keep-away.
Chip has his border collie quirks, but really, who doesn't? He has a very strong chase drive, and so he cannot be off leash in an unfenced area. The temptation to chase cars is just too strong. However, he's smart, and he doesn't bother with trying to chase them when he is in the fenced yard.
He also cannot live with small furry critters - their quick movements are too much for him! He does live with three smart cats in his foster home. After initial interest in them, he completely ignores them. However, they never run. We do not know how he would do around cats that ran.
Much better to channel that chase drive to his toys! There's something he loves to do, and he can do it with you! What a great way to build a strong relationship.
Sometimes, Chip doesn't want to let go of the toy, but if you are patient, he does drop the toy for you. He's also doing much better about not diving in and snatching it back up before you have a chance to pick it up. He's pretty smart and he does catch onto routines quickly.
Chip is looking for a home where, ideally, he can be the only dog. For the most part, he gets along just fine with other dogs, but he sometimes gets very into his games of fetch, and is rather rude to the other dogs. He doesn't really like to share his toys with them.
He is quite happy to share his toys with his people though!! Nothing makes his day more than the chance to run and play!
Then he is happy to come inside and snuggle with you. What more could you ask for from your best friend?
Chip also has some food allergies, so he needs to eat a diet that doesn't exacerbate those. He is currently doing wonderfully on a raw diet, his skin and coat look fantastic! However, if his new family cannot continue that diet, we can give other recommendations to keep him healthy and feeling great.
Since Chip is out of the crazy adolescent border collie stage, he doesn't require an immense amount of exercise. He'll happily play as much fetch as you like, but when you are done, whether it be after a few throws or a few dozen throws, he is happy to settle in wherever you are and just keep you company.
He also enjoys taking a walk with you. He has very good leash manners, although, if you have to walk where there are cars, he will show his interest in them. A gentle leader head halter will help redirect his attention back to you, though. He'll show similar interest in passing dogs. He really, really, wants to meet them, and the silly part is, once he does, he just ignores them (unless they are running, then he wants to chase, chase, chase!)
In honor of Chip's anniversary, he got upgraded to a leather collar. He is pretty proud of this fact, and posed for some pictures so you could admire his handsome self.
"Do you like my new collar?" He asks, "I sure do!"
Now he's all ready to begin his second year as a foster dog, but he surely hopes, that soon he'll be able to say he's an adopted dog!
Maybe you, or someone you know, is looking for a fun loving, mature best friend? Please note that border collies are a notoriously long lived breed, commonly living to be 14 or 15 years of age, and we often hear of border collies living to be 18+ years of age! Chip is really hoping his age isn't scaring you off. He's still an energetic, fun loving dog for many years left to provide you with love and companionship. Other than his allergies which are easily dealt with through a proper diet, he has no health concerns at all. His teeth are in great shape, and he is fully up to date on all his veterinary requirements.
Chip, posing here with his new toy, is looking forward to meeting his new family soon!
He's ready and waiting, although he does hope he doesn't have to wait too much longer.

Even if your home isn't the right one for our friend Chip, won't you pass the word along? Perhaps you can post a link on your facebook page, in your blog, to an online discussion group you might belong to, or simple send an email about him to your friends! Perhaps we could get Chip into his forever home for the Holidays. What a nice gift that would be for him.

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Mary M said...

Chip, you are a handsome guy and sound great. Do not give up on your forever home as it is out there.