Sunday, November 29, 2009


Hi! I'm Sugar. I am camera shy, so there are not too many pictures of me. When I first came to live with my foster mom and dad, Kara and Erich, everything was SO scary. I went outside in a big fenced yard and started meeting my foster brothers and sisters. There were so many of them! The little ones are so quick. I wasn't sure if I'd like them or not. They were all nice to me and I learned that dogs are dogs, no matter what their size.

The first time I was brought inside I was not sure what to make of all of the floors. I did not want to walk on any of them. But it didn't take me long to learn that I got really good treats everytime I took a step. This was going to be good! Now I can walk everywhere! I have even been to frisbee events and pet expos. I love people, especially the kids. I got my first glimpse on Halloween and I couldn't wait for the next ones. I am so gentle. Everytime I see one, I patiently sit at their side until they pet me. And who wouldn't want to pet me??

I had to go to a place called the vet. My mom and dad said they would see me the next day. That place was a little scary. I finally got to go home after a day. I was still so sleepy, but I was feeling better after all my shots and my spay. I got a clean bill of health!

My mom and dad say the hardest thing has been my house training. When I first got here, I would just go anytime and anywhere I had to. I didnt't know. I had lived in a small kennel all my life and was not gven the opportunity to go outside of my kennel. Mom and dad have had lots of patience with me. They put me on a schedule and taught me how to use the dog door. I love that I get to go outside whenever I want! When I can get outside (when mom and dad are home) I am all the way housebroken! If I can't get out I can only hold it for about 4 hours. But that's SO much better then I was doing. I will still go in my crate if left in there for long periods, but I'm never in there that long anymore :)

I love to play! I play with the other dogs, especially Lalo and by myself. I do not really like to play with people... but I'm sure I will learn to like it. But, be careful, I have been known to steal things within my reach and chew them up! Nothing is safe! I have been given lots of chewies so I know what to chew and what not to chew. It's really hard being me, there is so much to learn!

I still have a few habits that I am trying to break, but everything takes time. I still spin and bark when the other dogs are barking in crates, but I am getting better. The other time I bark is when my dinner is more then 15 minutes late. Sometimes I think my mom is going to forget, so I make sure I remind her. I wouldn't want to miss a meal!

Life in Millbrook, NY is pretty good. I have met lots of new people, got lots of new toys, new brothers and sisters, and I got to learn new tricks to keep my mind sharp. There is always something going on here... I hope you keep checking back for updates! I have a lot to say!

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Anonymous said...

sugar--sounds like you are in a much happier setting --keep up the good work and pose pretty so everyone can see how beautiful you are