Sunday, November 22, 2009

Andy Update

This is me, Andy, again. The first picture is me after my bath this week. I've finally decided that FD is NOT trying to kill me and I was actually pretty calm for my bath. I guess I am getting used to it. The second picture is me waiting to get back into the house. That is Lady's nose in the corner of the picture. We like to push each other around on the top step! The third thing is a video my FBL (Foster Brother Liam) took of me this morning running around the yard. The voice you hear is my FD (Foster Dad) trying to get me to run around a little bit instead of just heading back into the house.

On Friday, FM and FD took me to Manchester to another dog doctor, Deb Kelloway. She has all sorts of fancy equipment in her office. She did a echocardiogram on me and said my heart looked normal, which I guess means it is heart shaped. Did she think it would be square? She did another EKG on me only this time they gave me some atropine to see what it would do to my heart rate. Wow, did it make me energetic. I thought she was trying to kill me so she had to put me in a crate they had there and then I settled down so she could do her test. So anyway she sent all my test results to a cardiologist and guess what they want to do? MORE TESTS! I am really tired of going to dog doctors.

FM tells me that this week is Thanksgiving and we are going to have some company. FD's mom is coming from Philadelphia and his daughter is coming from Bozeman, Montana. FM's brother is coming and bringing his partner too. I think I'll probably hang out in my crate while this "company" is around. FM tells me that Thanksgiving is time to give thanks for everything we have.

So, here is my list of things I am thankful for:

1. My foster family

2. A warm place to live

3. Lots of good food

4. A yard to run around in and lots of nice walks

FM and FD and FB (Liam) also want to say they are thankful to the HSUS for getting me, Meara, Faith, Scotlund, Sugar, Smokey and Spice out of the puppy mill we were in, to Emily Wu and the Chittendens for taking us in, lice covered and all, and to all the great volunteers in New England Border Collie Rescue, Inc. who transported, bathed, fed, tended to and helped the Lucky 7 get into their foster homes.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

happy thanksgiving ! right back at you Andy glad your liking your bath better--hope you try some turkey --

Anonymous said...

Hope you enjoyed your first thanksgiving with people who care--checking for updates daily

Anonymous said...

Hope your next doctor visit goes well --checking up on you Andy so keep up the good work-Karen

Anonymous said...

Andy-- how'd that appointment go--waiting for an update---snow is expected tomorrow -that will be a first for you I bet?! Hope your baths continue to go well Karen

Anonymous said...

just wondering how your doing? hope to hear from you soon