Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Introducing Rigel (Smokey)


Umm, I am a bit shy, but I guess I can introduce myself. I have never really done this before because I never really had a name.

Now I do!

These peoples here call me Rigel. (Pronounced RY'-gel) I love this name! It is just my opinion and all, but I think Rigel is the best name EVER!!
When the people say it, I get pets and treats! How sweet is that!

They tell me that I am named after a blue star in the Orion constellation. (Not sure what that is, I will have to Google it) This is cuz they say I am a blue and white border collie. I thinks I am more like charcoal grey. But I am not going to argue with these nice peoples. I don't likes to argue with anyone. I am more of an 'agree to disagree' kind of a boy.

I am one of New England Border Collie Rescue's 'LUCKY 7'. http://nebcr.org/

Let me tell you!!!.... I am one lucky pup. That is for sure! I used to be at some yucky place somewhere far away in they call Tennessee. I spent my whole life, all 18 months of it in dirty kennel there.

Some nice peoples in Tennessee took me out of that place and brought me up here. When I got here, I was SOO skeerd that I was afraid to walks on the rope thing. Even though everyone was nice, I just didn't know what to do,...... so I flopped down on the ground.
But everybody was very friendly. They told me I was ok and gave me the most delicious treats I ever ate and clean fresh water to drink!!! I did need to get a hair cut and bath since I was so dirty and my fur was all tangled and matted.

Now I gots this funny 'first day of school' hair cut, but everyone says my fur will grow back long and soft and handsome. My head is still fluffy though. Peoples laugh and smile at me because they say I looks like a Muppet. They says I am 'SO CUTE'!

I don't know what that means but I do know that it gets me some extra, super yummy treats.

Wow! I LOVES peoples now! ........Ok, really, I still am shy at first, but I do loves all peoples and animals. When I got to my new foster home, I was so, so sceerd and lonely that I just curled up on my bed and stayed there. My foster family felt so bad for me. They would walk by, give me treats and pets. They would tell me I was safe, but I was still sceered and confused. After all, I have never lived in a house before.

After about a week, I began to realize, "Hey! I really, kind of like it here!"

I began getting very brave and exploring the house and yard. At first with the company of my foster family then....get this... ALL BY MY SELF!
Yup! Like I said, I am getting very brave!

Then it happened.... I fell in love. Yes, I LOVE,LOVE, LOVE my foster mom!
She loves me too. She even has this cute little nickname for me. She calls me 'Her Stalker' because I am always with her, always watching her and always waiting for pet and treats.

Well I been here about a month and I am just starting to play a bit and I gets a quick burst of what they calls the 'Zoomies'. I runs around like crazy. I runs like I never have run before!
My mom gets so happy when I do that! She cheers me on and says, "Go Rigel!!! RunRunRun!! Yeah!" She sometimes runs with me! She pretends to 'playbow' and runs around like a puppy too! I think it is funny!

She is apparently trying to encourage this puppy-like play and quite obviously doesn't care what the neighbors think!

Now I even play with toys! Do you know what toys are???!!! I just learned about them! Sometimes they squeak and sometimes they try to roll away from you! Sometimes they don't do nothing, but they are good to chew on anyway!

My mom wants me to say that not only am I cute, but I am very smart too! I learns things VERY fast, especially when there is treat involved! I love being a 'good boy'! My tail wags like crazy at just the words, "Good Boy!" I love my crate, I love to snuggle and I love treats. I have NEVER even had ONE accident in the house! Can you believe that! My foster mom can't! She is so impressed with me!

I also just discovered these REALLY cool things called couches and big peoples beds! Let me just tell you, "WOW! " If you don't have those in your home, your should really get them!

As of right now, I am learning not to be sceerd of new thing and new places and new peoples.
I never knew there was such a huge world out there! There is so much to explore!
Eventually, I will be looking for my real, true, forever home, but right now, I still got a lot to learn. I will get there a little at a time. That's all for now!

Your friend,


Ellen said...

It is so nice to see a sweet dog go from scared to happy. We have done it, and it is so much work!!
Thank you for doing all of this.

I was so excited to see an update -- check every day-- rooting for all of the 7 !!

Helen said...

Good Boy! Good boy Rigel! Love from Robin and her wannabe BC brother Zeeba and their peoples

karen said...

smokey aka Rigel---it is soso awsome that things are going so well for him--have been checking frequently as we fell in love from the first and hope to be first inline when he is ready---we had an awsome boy like him for seventeen years---all the dogs deserve the best!!!!!! Keep up the great work buddy and I will keep checking --Karen and greg

cheryl burg rusk said...

Rigel - You've got the BEST foster mom! I know because she was MY foster mom, too! Please give her a big kiss and snuggle from me and tell her I will always love her. And, she should come visit me in my forever home where I am spoiled rotten! xo,


Anonymous said...

still waiting for you Rigel--sasha your big sister can't wait to meet you and take you exploring the yard karen

Marta... said...

I also would like to be in the line for that sweet dog, cant wait to see him available for adoption :)

Monique-NEBCR said...

For those seriously interested in adopting Rigel, please be sure to submit your adoption application ASAP. This sweet boy is going to be very popular, and having an approved application on file always makes things go more smoothly/quickly once a dog is available.

Rigel will go up on the website as soon as his foster home has determined that he's ready to go to his forever home - no idea how long that will be, but keep checking the website. We never want to rush a dog out the door, as we want to be sure their next move is the last one they need to make - which means we need time to work on any issues they may have, and maybe more importantly, get to know what the best home for them will be.

All the information on adopting from NEBCR (including a link to the application) can be found at www.NEBCR.org under "adopting a Border Collie".

Thanks for all the words of support and encouragement for Rigel!! :)

Joseph said...

It is so great to see the progress of all the Lucky 7! Keep up the great work, all the FMs & FDs out there! NEBCR is the BEST!!

Anonymous said...

Rigel just another Hello--enjoy Thanksgiving with your foster family and don't eat too much turkey--although all the lucky 7 deserve every bite ----we are watching and we have an approved application so we will see ---you will be a popular boy when the time comes to go to your forever home--but we have our fingers crossed ---Greg

Anonymous said...

Hi Rigel--just checking in to see how your doing???am hoping to beable to meet you soon--greg

Anonymous said...

checking for an update--Rigel hope all is moving forward --checking several times a day for anything new ---greg

Anonymous said...

Hi all!
Rigel will is planning on sitting at the computer and writing up his blog some time this weekend. He will also be doing a photo shoot and hopefully have some video for all his fans. Thank you for being so patient!
He is doing well and is as sweet as ever!
Rigel's foster mom.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rigel's Mom for letting us know we will be hearing from him soon---we're still hoping to be first in line ---Greg

Anonymous said...

Rigel's update is now posted.
Check December 2009 on the blog site.