Friday, December 30, 2011

Desi the BRAVE

Friday, December 30, 2011

Desi the BRAVE

To all my friends and especially anyone looking for the greatest friend ever!! I have been very busy working on being a brave dog. My bio states that I am a special needs dog. I want to let people know that what I need is a patient and loving family. In return I will give you more love then you can imagine. My foster Mom and I had a long talk the other day. I was wondering why nobody was asking about me. She told me that once I could show how much I have worked on being brave my forever family would find me.

Yesterday Gavin came to visit my foster family. He was kinda scary at first but as the day went on I realized that he wasn't so scary. All the other dogs really like him so he must be o.k.

He was at the house this morning and I decided to be as brave as I could and I walked up to him and let him pet me. I thought my foster Mom would cry.

It wasn't so bad, in fact I went back again and this time he had treats.

Then I had to take a break and then I went back for some more pets!!!!

So to the world I am ready for a forever family to help me become an even braver boy

go to and read more about me

Desi (the Desirable) and the BRAVE

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Santa Paws visited our house and left presents for all the doggies - residents, fosters, guests, and friends!  Here are fosters Bentley and Maserati playing with their new toys!  Pardon the typos in spelling Maserati's name in the video, please!

Bentley's hoping his next gift will be a home of his own!  :-)  Maserati will be available soon, as well.  What a delight they both are!

We hope your holidays were as merry as theirs!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Desi's holiday wish

Desi has come so far since finding his way into rescue with NEBCR almost 8 months ago.

When Desi arrived, he was almost entirely shut down. He no longer knew what it was like to just be a dog, if he ever did. He was physically in distress inside and out. NEBCR volunteers cried when all it seemed Desi wanted to do was to disappear.

Desi now:

He has overcome skin infections and fur loss.

He has learned to trust and love his wonderful foster family.

He has overcome many of his fears of the world around him.

He plays with his foster siblings.

He really is as desirable as they come.

Although it would seem his initial wish really was to just disappear, really all he wanted to be was loved unconditionally...and that he has and it has helped him understand that it is ok to just be a dog.

Desi doesn't want to be greedy with wishes, but he hopes to be granted a forever home of his very own who will just continue to love him, as that is all he really wants.

Please click through to this video to see Desi's message:

Monday, November 21, 2011


Yesterday, we went to do something called 'pot luck'. This may look like a butt, but what it really is is a picture of me and my friends waiting by the pot for some of the luck.

I got higher up to have a better view of the pot... ahhhh, much better!

This is me still waiting for some luck in the form of chicken to come flying my way (it did come eventually thankyouverymuch).

Then I snuggled with my friends

And got scretchez from my foster dad

Not a bad pot of luck at all!
luvz, Ted

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Puppies are growing!

Maserati's puppies are growing!
They will be 5 weeks old tomorrow.
Their weights are now:
Porsche: 6.4 pounds
Mercedes: 6.7 pounds
Ferrari: 6.8 pounds
Bentley: 7.0 pounds
Their personalities are developing and they are all delightful and friendly puppies so far!
Here is a photo from today.  Hopefully we can get some better photos soon, but right now all I have is a cell phone apologies!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Her Highness Katie Grace

Hi Everyone! Katie Grace here!

It’s been a little while since we last spoke
so I thought I would let you know what I’ve been up to.

As you might recall a few months ago I decided to summer in Maine.
I had never been to Maine but heard some nice things about the beaches,
beautiful hiking trails and fabulous shopping.

So I had to see for myself. Here I am driving shotgun to Maine.

It was a very busy summer!

First I met my two foster brothers Roosevelt & Coal

(that's me in the middle)

I wasn’t sure how I felt about them
but when we got to know each other we had lots of fun.
We took lots of walks together

I love to go for walks on hiking trails in the woods
because my two favorite things to do are
sniffing and chasing squirrels up into trees!

We had some fun walking on the beach too!
I love to run on the beach and wade in the cool water up to my belly.

My summer goal was to get in shape and lose a few pounds.
So I’ve been working out almost every day.

I jog sometimes

and I eat sensibly

and I get plenty of rest.

Shhhhhh, don’t tell my foster mom –
but sometimes when she’s not looking
my foster brothers and I jump on the bed.

Here we are trying to lure one of the house kitties
to come hang out with us. Shhhhhhh

In my free time I like to give back - so I volunteer for NEBCR.
I enjoy attending special events,
meeting new people, new dog friends
and mostly telling people about New England Border Collie Rescue.

Here I am at a special event called Woofstock in Old Orchard Beach Maine.
I was working the information booth and had a great day.

I also met lots and lots of new friends.
This little girl stopped to say hello and give me a hug.

I was so happy I had to sing!
She gave me a wonderful back scratch
(and a few treats, too shhhh).

My summer hasn't been all work though.
I've met lots of new dog friends too!
We hit it off in just a few minutes
and had a great day working & playing together.

Here I am with Denali taking a quick play break.
We had lots of fun that day!

Autumn has arrived in Maine and another fun event was MaineFest in October. My foster brothers and I met lots and lots of people and about 40 border collies at this event. We got to try WagIt Games, some great snacks, and we played all day. I was exhausted at the end of the day!

Can’t wait to go again next year!

As you can see I've been quite busy and having a great time in Maine.
So far Autumn looks to be shaping up the same way.

I heard it was hunting season in Maine
so on our trail walk I decided to roll in muck and hide my scent.

Here I am!

I tried to tell my foster mom it was the latest in doggie spa treatments but she didn’t go for it and I got a bath anyway. We also had snow early this year. I’m not sure how I feel about snow. IT WAS COLD on my toes. But after a few minutes I realized it was fun stuff!

I think I’m going to like Autumn and Winter in Maine
but what I’d really love is to find a home all of my very own
with a special friend or family to love me.

I hear the holidays are coming soon.
I wonder if Santa would grant that one wish for me.

I’ll have to ask him.

In the meantime, I'll just keep an eye out looking for my forever family.

Katie Grace

Friday, November 11, 2011

Kyle explores the world

Kyle has discovered a great big wide world out there.

And that it isn't all that scary.

And more importantly that there are great things to sniff
and check out instead of constantly herding his foster siblings.

Kyle has discovered hiking!

I would be running down this foggy trail if you weren't so slow!

Kyle did a great job of both forging ahead on the long line
and coming back and checking in.

Can I have my treats now?

He settled down at the rest spot
where we relax at for a few minutes.

Just here to survey my fog-shrouded land.

And then he was ready to be off again!

Ok, what's next??

And then he found the best bed in the house
and caught up on his dreams of finding his forever home.

Kyle is still available for adoption
along with 10 other fantastic border collies.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Mama Maserati, and pups Mercedes (mostly black female), Ferrari (black, tan, & white female), Porsche (blk&white female), & Bentley (black w/white boy) made their way to rescue today!

Maserati was found as a stray, shortly before giving birth. The ACO was boarding her in a vet clinic due to disease at the shelter. They were transferred to rescue today.



Mercedes and Porsche (females)
Porsche & Mercedes

Ferrari (female)

Mercedes (female)

Ferrari (female)

Porsche (female)


Porsche (female)

Bentley (male)

Ferrari (female)

Bentley (male)

Maserati is about 2.5 years of age.  She will be available for adoption after the pups are weaned and she is spayed.  Pups are 3.5 weeks of age.  They will be available for adoption after 9 weeks of age.  Applications are being accepted, matches will be made as the pups personalities develop and we get to know them.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Comfy spots

Hi all,

TedTed here! Recently, I have been working on discovering some new comfy spots and positions around here.

This one is pretty good

This is not bad either

Neither is this

And this just plain rocks!

Love and kisses, Ted

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Kep's Next Great Adventure

Hello friends!

I have some great news to share.

So please pay attention.

(like I pay attention to the frisbee)

Or I'll be forced to get REEEALLY close to your face
and possibly lick your nose.

Ok so my good news!

I swear it is awesome, like my expressive ears.

It even beats playing frisbee if you can believe it!

(throw it throw it throw it!)

Playing third wheel is not great.

Or maybe it is!

Having hip dysplasia is very much not great at all...

But not needing surgery
and still getting to play and romp and be silly is fantastic!

Snow in October?! I don't think anyone thinks this is good...

But who am I kidding? This stuff tastes awesome!


Wait up! I still gotta tell you the something great!!

Hold on, what's that??


(Let's go get 'em!)

Ok, I'm back. :-)

And I'll take a minute catch my breath and tell you
the super, wonderful, awesome, fantastic, great news.


Sorry all that squirrel chasing really did tire me out.

The great news is that I have a forever family.

Here I am in my forever home snoozing on a comfy bed
with my new sister, NEBCR alum Bailey, right next to me.

Life is good.

Love and Frisbees,

PS. Please visit the NEBCR website and check out all
the other border collies that still need forever homes.