Thursday, December 1, 2011

Desi's holiday wish

Desi has come so far since finding his way into rescue with NEBCR almost 8 months ago.

When Desi arrived, he was almost entirely shut down. He no longer knew what it was like to just be a dog, if he ever did. He was physically in distress inside and out. NEBCR volunteers cried when all it seemed Desi wanted to do was to disappear.

Desi now:

He has overcome skin infections and fur loss.

He has learned to trust and love his wonderful foster family.

He has overcome many of his fears of the world around him.

He plays with his foster siblings.

He really is as desirable as they come.

Although it would seem his initial wish really was to just disappear, really all he wanted to be was loved unconditionally...and that he has and it has helped him understand that it is ok to just be a dog.

Desi doesn't want to be greedy with wishes, but he hopes to be granted a forever home of his very own who will just continue to love him, as that is all he really wants.

Please click through to this video to see Desi's message:

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