Friday, June 26, 2009

Help advertise for Dog Dayz of Summer!

Help NEBCR out by printing out the flier for the Dog Dayz of Summer event and hang it at pet stores, training facilities, libraries, supermarkets and other places with high visibility in your area.

Click here for a PDF of the flier.

Thanks so much from NEBCR!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Marsh, Ambassadog

Hi, I'm Marsh the Magnificent.

They started calling me that a few weeks ago. It all started when my foster mom took me to an event at a petstore called Hooked on Dogs in Red Hook, NY. There were TONS of dogs there, of all shapes and sizes. I was the "Ambassa-dog" for the NEBCR booth, which just meant that I got to stand around getting pets and treats from everyone. Sweet deal! I also made lots of new canine friends, including a HUGE Great Pyranees dog who I did lots of play bowing with. I tried to wrestle with many of the dogs that came by. Apparently (they say) I used to come on a little strong, and even be a little bit of a punk! But I not any more. I earned my name, Marsh the Magnificent, by greeting all of the dogs and people magnificently!
Now that I'm not staring at shadows so much, I really like other dogs. I herd the fast ones, play tug with the fun ones, and know to stay away from the ones who don't want to play. I LOVE to wrestle. Here I am wrestling with my foster sister, Winnie. We are doing something we like to call 'bitey face' which is great fun. Sometimes I spin Winnie around and she just LOVES it! Foster mom is working on getting that on video.

I'll share more of my adventures soon!


Saturday, June 13, 2009

I would really like a home!

Hey folks!
I'm Chip, and I'm the dog of the week. I have had some rather bad luck this past year, but I'm hoping my perfect family is reading this and will help me out.

You see, I lived with my first family for 8 whole years, but they put me up on craigslist when my person went to college. (I hope she never speaks to them again!)

I ended up going to this place where the people had running horses and driving cars, and I thought those were rather fun to chase, especially since the people didn't bother to keep me in a fence. For some reason, the people didn't like that and they said I had to go! So, they put me up on craigslist, too.
After that I came to New England Border Collie Rescue. I fit in ok in my foster home, even if they said I was tooo obsessed with the other dogs, they just made sure I got my own private playtime, which I quite liked.

I spent a week in another foster home when my first one went on vacation, and in that home, I was around cows and horses and I never gave them a second look! I never tried to chase them, not even once! So, since I am such a good dog around people of all shapes and sizes, they thought it was a good idea to have me live on a vegetable farm where lots of people came to visit. I thought it was great too . . . but especially when I found out that some cows also lived at that farm. Since there weren't other dogs for me to chase, I took to harassing the cows. Huh. Little did I know that would land me back at my foster home!

I don't really mind too much because my foster home is ok, but it's not my real forever home, you know? And there are a lot of other dogs there that I am not allowed to chase, because they don't like they way I nip at them. Huh, they are no fun! But I really do enjoy my private playtimes!
What I'd really, really like, is a home where I can get all the attention and playtime my people are willing to give me, and where there aren't any other animals for me to obsess over. (I like to obsess over them, but it seems to end up with the people unhappy.)
I'm really a very easy guy to live with, as long as you will devote some time to walking me, and playing with me. I love toys!!! I will return your love and care 100 fold! I really enjoy riding in the car, too. I walk nicely on a Gentle Leader or East Walk Harness, too.
Please say you are the family for me, and contact my foster home as soon as you can. I really want to go home soon! I am waiting for you to please find me!

Most sincerely,
ps - my first family called me Dipstick. What kind of thing is that to do to a dog? I really like my new name better!