Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Marsh, Ambassadog

Hi, I'm Marsh the Magnificent.

They started calling me that a few weeks ago. It all started when my foster mom took me to an event at a petstore called Hooked on Dogs in Red Hook, NY. There were TONS of dogs there, of all shapes and sizes. I was the "Ambassa-dog" for the NEBCR booth, which just meant that I got to stand around getting pets and treats from everyone. Sweet deal! I also made lots of new canine friends, including a HUGE Great Pyranees dog who I did lots of play bowing with. I tried to wrestle with many of the dogs that came by. Apparently (they say) I used to come on a little strong, and even be a little bit of a punk! But I not any more. I earned my name, Marsh the Magnificent, by greeting all of the dogs and people magnificently!
Now that I'm not staring at shadows so much, I really like other dogs. I herd the fast ones, play tug with the fun ones, and know to stay away from the ones who don't want to play. I LOVE to wrestle. Here I am wrestling with my foster sister, Winnie. We are doing something we like to call 'bitey face' which is great fun. Sometimes I spin Winnie around and she just LOVES it! Foster mom is working on getting that on video.

I'll share more of my adventures soon!


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Lacey said...

too cute. i love how they keep involving the guy in the chair, even though they have the whole deck...funny. ya gotta love em.