Monday, July 16, 2012

Harp fights another battle

Please keep Harp in your thoughts as he has begun his treatment for Heartworm which was discovered during a recent routine vet appointment.  Heartworm can take up to 6 months to test positive and can be asymptomatic for longer.  So, while he has been protected from reinfection by being on preventative since entering rescue, any infection he picked up before that was not caught on initial tests.

This sad pathetic face will now be a constant sight from behind crate bars for the next several weeks.


He would like to let you know that crate rest and leash walks only for going potty is the pits, and he will let you know loudly especially if he thinks someone else might be playing without him.

One leash has met its end when the normally well exercised and therefore well behaved Harp turned into a whirlwind of stir craziness and pulled a bunch of items on top of his crate through the bars.

And we are on day 4 of *MANY*...there are not enough stuffed Kongs in the world.

Keep Harp's foster mom in your thoughts as well because, dog help her, she's going to need it.

Thank you for your thoughts and support!  It is because of efforts by NEBCR volunteers and supporters that we are able to help dogs like Harp.

Mostly we just want Harp to get back to doing things like this:

Harp will be temporarily unavailable until he is healthy again, but you can read more about him and other current dogs awaiting their forever homes on the NEBCR website available dogs page.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Her Royal Houndness, Katherine Grace

Her Royal Houndness Katherine Grace has had quite a time over the past twelve months.

She's surveyed her queendom many times and visited her loyal subjects frequently in the last year.

Wouldn't you like to give her a nice place to relax after such a grueling reign?

You can find out all about her at the NEBCR website on her official biography page.