Friday, November 11, 2011

Kyle explores the world

Kyle has discovered a great big wide world out there.

And that it isn't all that scary.

And more importantly that there are great things to sniff
and check out instead of constantly herding his foster siblings.

Kyle has discovered hiking!

I would be running down this foggy trail if you weren't so slow!

Kyle did a great job of both forging ahead on the long line
and coming back and checking in.

Can I have my treats now?

He settled down at the rest spot
where we relax at for a few minutes.

Just here to survey my fog-shrouded land.

And then he was ready to be off again!

Ok, what's next??

And then he found the best bed in the house
and caught up on his dreams of finding his forever home.

Kyle is still available for adoption
along with 10 other fantastic border collies.

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