Thursday, October 22, 2009


Scotlund - one of the Lucky 7

Scotlund - the day he came off the transport truck from the puppy mill seizure.

A few days later, after being shaven to rid him of the mats and lice that had been living on him for who knows how long.

Scot, today, 3 weeks after being in the care of NEBCR. His worms are gone, his lice nits are almost gone, his anemia is almost gone, his UTI is gone, his giardia (fingers crossed) is gone and he is beginning to act like the 8 year old puppy that he is. He is learning his name, probably the first name he has had in a long time. He greets us with wiggles and wags and a toy in his mouth. He is delightful.

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Ellen said...

well, he never did get a chance to be a puppy when he was supposed too-- so how nice that he still has the spirit to play now. What a sweet pea.