Thursday, October 1, 2009

They're Clean!

After 3 days of bathing, scrubbing, clipping and shaving, The Lucky 7 are finally clean!

Poor Scotlund took the worst of it. Because his coat was so encrusted with feces and filth, and he was loaded with lice and biting fleas, his coat had to be shaved completely. While he probably looks even more pathetic without all his hair (and when shaving him we discovered at least one open sore)...

...the sweet ol' guy is starting to feel a bit better (and check out those ears!)

Everyone else is looking and smelling much better too!

The gang is getting as many walks and free time as possible, and are starting to explore their surroundings. Generous donations of toys and supplies have been arriving at the farm (THANK YOU ALL!) and some of The Lucky 7 are already checking out the new squeaky toys!

For now they are clean and safe. Once they've been fully vetted and spayed/neutered, the real rehab work can begin. But for now, they're taking things one day at a time....

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