Thursday, October 8, 2009

A big day at the vet

On Tuesday, NEBCR volunteers Kathy and Emily loaded up 6 of The Lucky 7 (+ 3 other new dogs in rescue) and headed out to the vet. In addition to full workups, Dr. Michelle was able to give us her best estimate as to the ages of these dogs (they did not come with any records whatsoever). Here's the rundown of how 6 of The Lucky 7 made out...

Andy - approx. 2 years old
A lice nit was found, but no live lice. Andy was neutered.

Faith - approx. 4 years old
Little Faith has a pretty significant heart murmur. Her spay was postponed pending a visit to the cardiologist and an ECG.

Emily - approx. 4-5 years old
Emily checked out fine and was spayed.

Spice - approx. 5-6 years old
Spice had some very bad teeth that needed to be pulled. She was also spayed.

Smokey - approx. 18 mos-2 years old
Smokey was diagnosed with kennel cough and his neuter was postponed pending treatment with antibiotics.

Sugar - approx. 4 years old
Sugar also has kennel cough and is in heat, so her spay surgery was also postponed.

Enormous thanks to Dr. Michelle and the staff of Greylock Animal Hospital for "service above and beyond the call of duty!" They were all wonderful with the flood of border collies invading their facility and we thank them for their kindness and wonderful work!

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