Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ted is AdopTed

Todayz, I got a new seksy collar and jingly thingz called the tagz. And the goodiez came with something called 'a home'! I am not longer a 'fosterdog Ted'! Instead, I am proudz to announze that I have been PromoTed to being AdopTed!

This iz good because being AdopTed comes with not one, but two! personal head scratchers. Herez one serving me:

My promotion to AdopTed also comez with a personal border collie to accommodatez my snuggling and playing needz! Here he iz!

So life is good! I will be signing off now to go and be buzy, but I hope you all get promoted too!
Love, AdopTed


Roxanne said...

We are all so exciTed her for you, Ted!!

Rebecca said...

Yay Ted!!!