Saturday, January 28, 2012

Desi has a home

I have wonderful news....
Desi is going home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
     As Desi's foster mom I am both excited and a little sad right now. Desi is on his way to his forever home in Canada. He will have an amazing life with his new Mom and Dad, Ellen and Keith.
     Thank you NEBCR for taking him in and THANK YOU for trusting his care to me and my family. Who would of ever thought that the very scared and hairless no name dog would be turn into such a gem. I promised Desi that someday he would be Desirable and today I was able to keep that promise. I learned so much about myself as a dog owner and foster home since Desi came into my life. I will be eternally grateful to Desi for letting me show him people and the world can be a safe and trusted.
May you continue to grow and trust and maybe play with sheep someday Desi.
 you foster Mom


Ellen and Keith said...

And thank YOU for trusting him to us. You put so much work into him; it is an amazing transition from when you got him to the dog we got today.

He is all settled in, warm and fed, and looking pretty chipper for such a long day in the car. He is a really good traveler.

We are so looking forward to him being part of our family. And we will keep working to make sure he is as happy and active and loved as can be!

He is very sweet.

cirronimbus said...

Yay to Desi! His dream of a forever home has finally been realized, and I can assure you that you could not have found a better family for him than Ellen and Keith plus all of their other Border collies that are now Desi's siblings. What a lucky fellow! Thank you for all you do for homeless Border collies -- you make the world a better place for everyone. A big hug to you from "the other Ellen" and Piper (Ellen's friends!)