Sunday, January 15, 2012

How many border collies in a year?

NEBCR had a busy year in 2011.

Thanks to all volunteers, adopters, and supporters for helping us help each and everyone of these dogs find a forever home.


Ellen said...

We wanted all of the dogs shown! And I want all of the ones still looking for a home-. But we are close to getting one-- next week!! And we think he will be our perfect new friend.
And I get all happy inside when I think of it happening so soon.

If you are looking at this and even half thinking of a rescue--please do it!! They give back so much more than they get ! Even if they have problems, humour and happiness will win out, and sooner or later you will be hugging each other and laughing.

littledickens said...

You guys do a great job. Congrats on a very sucessful year of finding forever homes. One of these days I will be a forever home for a BC.
Dianne Traphagen