Monday, March 2, 2009

Snowy Zoey!

Hi, I'm Zoey, making my debut here on the foster dog blog....weeee!!! It's March 2nd and we got another giant snowstorm! I had a blast this morning running around with my foster brothers and sister. My obedience class got cancelled for tonight, but I'll probably be too tired by then anyway!

Here's a video of me playing chase with my foster brother, Marsh:

My foster mom says I'm hard to photograph because I'm always zooming around like this:

Thanks for reading my first blog. Gotta go inside and warm up now!



Lacey said...

Zoey, you're gorgeous.

Lacey said...

KristineJo88 said...

i love zoey! she is so cute, i adopted a b.c. last year and i think 2 dogs with 2 kids would be a bit much! but she is adorable and everything i would want in a b.c. maybe in another year or two i will get a playmate for my newest family member-Willie :)