Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ted's Career Aspirations

Hi! Long time, now hear! See, foster parents said it was time to figure out something called 'futurecareer'! So I have been considering all of my options...

Ball supervisor?
World class dancer?
Cosmetic dentist?
Leash designer?
Finally, while contemplating life in my house yesterday, it dawned on me! I can be a magician! So when foster mom and dad got home from dinner last night, I surprised them! Instead of two dogs by the door, they were greeted by three, hehe! Just like David Copperfield - they left me in a locked cage, and I figured out how to get out to go and play with my friends. TedMagic, hehe.

I am now feeling little tired after all the hard thinking, so I am going to take a nap now so my mind is sharp when foster mom leaves the house so I can come up with more things to do, okay?
Love, NaughtyDogTed

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