Sunday, July 3, 2011

Scarlet plays!

Hi, it's me, Scarlet.

I have been stalking this weird basket full of furry and round things over the last few weeks at my foster home. Something made a noise in there and maybe it's alive and might pop out at me.

Well today I stepped on one of these things that Dash left out on the floor (a toy, I believe it's called) and heard that noise again. It really freaked me out and I jumped back out of the way! Then it happened again!

Pretty soon I realized that I could make it happen by biting it! I drug it around for awhile, checking back with my foster mom every few seconds to make sure it was safe.
This was my first attempt:

Once I started playing, there was no stopping me.
Here I am having a blast squeaking that thing and dragging it all over the room!

Here is one more video of me playing like a real dog (sorry, my foster mom apparently thought this was a big deal, she kept on filming me)...kind of embarassing....

Finally this happened:

More after I rest up a bit....
Luv, Scarlet

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