Monday, June 20, 2011

Ted's Big Butt Makover (very graphic - be warned)

My butt BEFORE (on the day I arrived at NEBCR back in April - and auntie Barb said this photo was taken after the first surgery, my butt was much grosser before that if you can believe it!)
And this is my butt AFTER (as in today)
Yup, itz rightz. I am a proud ownerz of the MiracleButt™. Do I get some dandy butt award for this? Me thinkz I should. I tried to get a dead fish snack award when went to a place called thebeach today, but foster mom didn't let me have it. Bummer. Herez me on the place thebeach where I didnt get to eat dead fish and where I had to watch everyone have fun while I waz stuckz on a leash. At least I got to pee on the leash, hehe.
Laterz! Ted

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Roo said...

Ha, that first pic is Ted's big butt AFTER a surgery. I have a picture of how gross and disgusting it really was, but no one wants to see that.