Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ted's (Very) Busy Day

Oh hi! Itz me, NaughtyDogTed! Since I last seed you, I have been suspended from the boarding school kalled thehospital.

Oh wellz, at least the hole on my butt iz healing well - thankz to the work of dr.Michelle Gorbutt, dr.Joanne Ziemba and dr.Heather Blake at Greylock Animal Hospital. My foster mom sayz they went above and beyond to make me happy and healthy. I am also missing my other friendz at the hospital, especially my aunties Denise and Brittney. Thank youz for being so nice to me while I waz not feeling my best and was getting into mischief!

Here iz my buttz, looking goodz, don't you think?
Anyhow, todayz waz a buzy day here. My foster momz said she waz going to teach me to be apet. I don't knowz what apet meanz, but I went with it. First, she said, all petz have to have some badhabitz. So she taught me to lick her breakfast bowl clean. I liked learning badhabitz!

Then we did something called goforawalk. That waz good because I could sniffz and pee on everythingz. I liked that. When we got home, I made my foster mom proud by figuring out what the thingz called dogbedz are for. Finally, we worked on something called playing. It was little confuzing at first, but I think I made some... whatdotheycallit... progress.

First, I learned that eating sometimez countz as playing
Then I learned that rolling on my back and hugging these fuzzy thingz makez my foster mom giggle
I collected and tazted lotz of thetoyz
But the real reazon I got an A+ iz because I partizipated in something called gentle tugging (my foster mom said I cannot do real tugging until my butt is all healed - bummer).
Ugh, I am feelingz little tired, itz time to go and snooze on the thing called thedogbed.

Luv, NaughtyDogTed


Dogskills in the Catskills said...

Awww! Melt-your-heart cute to see you playing Ted!! And such a teensy hole now!

Anonymous said...

I love naughty boy Ted.