Saturday, January 9, 2010

Andy is ready to be adopted!

Hi everyone, it's me Andy!!! Guess what? I finally got the all clear from the dog doctor and I'm ready to find my forever home. I know I look really serious in my pictures, but it's because I am camera shy.
My latest test was really interesting. They put a purple wrap around my foot and then it squeezed my foot and then it let go very slowly and went "beep, beep, beep". Then the dog doctor put it on his arm to "test" it. The dog doctor said it was low, but still normal. Of course it was normal. There is nothing wrong with my foot! I don't know where that dog doctor went to school, but I think it was the "School of Silly Tests".
Anyway, so I'll be going up on the website soon so I can look for my forever family. Check out and "dogs available to be adopted" and you'll find me there.
In the meantime, I have been working very hard at being brave. Being brave means not running into my crate all the time when I hear loud noises. Being brave means exploring outside when I hear strange noises instead of running right back to the door. Guess what I discovered? Birds. They make pretty noises. I would like to play with them, but they fly away when I run up to them.
My foster mom says I have made lots of progress in the three months I have been in New Hamsphire. For one thing, I've gained some weight. I weigh 49 pounds now. Mom made the dog doctor weigh me twice because she couldn't believe it! I also hang out outside my crate now although I still like my crate. I'm not so afraid of strangers either. I actually will come out and greet them and see if they are good at giving belly rubs. Mom says I am going to need someone who has lots of patience though because I am shy.
Likes-OTHER DOGS, but I would like to live with another dog or two provided the other dog isn't jealous of me and will let me get SOME attention. My foster sister, Lady, doesn't like it when my foster mom rubs my belly. She comes over and gets between us because she wants Mom all to herself.
CATS-they smell really, really good.
KIDS-they are ok, but older kids would be better as they are QUIETER!
Dislikes-LOUD NOISES of any kind.
SUDDEN MOVEMENTS-they make me nervous.
BROWN DOGS-My foster mom doesn't know why I don't like them, but I do and that is all that matters.
Check out my bio and pictures on in the next few days and hopefully you will see me! In the meantime, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I know 2010 is going to be a happy year for me!


Anonymous said...

Awsome Andy -!! Keep getting stronger while you wait for your forever home and yes you do look serious in your pictures but you are beautiful or should I say handsome!!

sheryl titcomb-gilbert said...

I have one of those dogs from that puppy mill. When she first came to me four and a half years ago she was pregnant. she was also so timid and scared that she wouldnt walk and I had to carry here around for two days. She has come along way since then, but she will forever bear the mental scars in some way from her tramatic four years in a pen with very little human contact or love. If she thinks your mad at her she will hang her head and slink off into a corner. My son calls her Little Miss Eeore.She is very prissy and lady like, but she does get a little jealous if I pat Eilish, her daughter before I pat her. She was an awesome mom when she had her pups. I kept one and sold the other three to some wonderful people that kept me updated for the first year of the girls lives. Yup! they were all girls....The one I kept was the runt; and she figured out how to get out of the welping pen first and also figured how to open the kennel door two days after she was first introduced to it.