Tuesday, September 29, 2009


PORTLAND, Tenn. - The Humane Society of the United States worked in conjunction with the Sumner County Sheriff's Department to remove 108 border collies last week from squalid conditions at an alleged puppy mill in Portland, Tenn.

The property owner breeds dogs for sale and runs Border Collie Rescue of Middle Tennessee. According to his Web site, the property owner takes in rescued border collies. But many of the dogs on the property were those the owner had bred and made available for sale on the Internet.

The dogs were housed in a dark, vermin-infested barn and filthy outdoor pens. Border collies are natural herding dogs, and require extensive exercise to maintain a healthy temperament and physique. Lack of exercise and socialization is especially devastating to this breed. It is possible that many of these neglected animals had never known life outside their cramped enclosures.

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photos from the seizure

NEBCR has taken in 7 dogs from this initial seizure and more may be on the way. Dubbed "The Lucky 7" these dogs arrived 9/28 covered in mats, filth, lice eggs and feces. More info to come...

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