Sunday, December 13, 2009

Andy Update

Do you like my Christmas photo? Hi, it's me Andy again! I've been keeping busy seeing the dog doctor, discovering snow and hanging out at home with my foster family. The last time I went to the dog doctor, Lady The Horribly Misnamed came with me (that's her in the first picture with me). That made me feel better and I went right into the dog doctor's office with her. The dog doctor is still waiting on one test and we should have those results by the end of this week. The good news is that every other test has been negative. Now negative is not normally a good thing, but I guess when it comes to tests at the dog doctor, it is! The other good news is that my heart rate is faster. So hopefully whatever was causing my low heart rate is gone now and I can find my forever home soon.
In any event, let me tell you what I am looking for in a forever family. One, it would help if it were a quiet household. Noises startle me and I like my routine. When it gets busy and noisy at my foster home, I retreat to my crate. Otherwise, I am happy to hang out outside my crate and get belly rubs. I like having a yard to run around in and my recall is excellent. I do not like to be away from my people when I am outside. I like kids, but due to their unpredictability, I would have to say I would probably like a family with older kids who are dog savvy. I like cats. They smell really, really good. I like other dogs. In fact, I would prefer a house with other dogs, but only if they look like me. I'm kind of partial to border collies.
All I want for Christmas is to find my forever home.


Anonymous said...

hey Andy I have been wondering how you were doing --glad to hear all the negatives and the postive is you will soon be ready for your forever home---

Marta... said...

Andy i hope ur wish is gonna come true!!!!