Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Thanks, and Happy Holidays from NEBCR!

First, NEBCR would like to extend a HUGE thank you for all of those who helped us by voting in the Animal Rescue Site's Shelter Challenge. NEBCR came in FIRST PLACE for CT, which nets us a $1,000 prize!

We were behind Stamford CT's shelter for a good part of the competition, but our volunteers and adopters and friends made a big push on the last day to put us in first place when the voting closed! Congratulations to all of those other shelters and rescues across the country that are doing their part.

As you know, NEBCR is an all volunteer organization and every donated, earned or won dollar helps us to make lives better for the Border Collies we take into rescue. We never turn away a dog because they are sick or injured, and we have amazing foster homes that will sometimes double or triple up with foster dogs so that we don't have to say no to a Border Collie in need.

This was an especially trying year for us, which is evident to anybody who has been reading this blog! Not surprisingly, our volunteers came through in droves to help the Lucky 7 plus all the other dogs that came into rescue right around the same time. We feel truly blessed for all of the incredibly dedicated and selfless people that "work" for this organization.

We have been extremely fortunate to welcome a good number of new volunteers and foster homes to the group, as well. We welcome back some that were away for a while, and others we have converted from adopters to volunteers.

Thank you all for your donations, votes and for opening your hearts and homes by adopting a dog from NEBCR.

Happy Holidays to all, and to all a good game of fetch!


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Mary M said...

Thank you for all you do for those Border Collies in need. I will never understand how people can be so mean and cruel. Presently, two young stray cats have been living in my chicken area (hay)and I can tell they have not eaten. They are so thin. I have been feeding them and now can touch one of them. It has been below zero some nights. These two souls are now eating and have a warm shelter from the New England weather. I will be taking them to the vet. People are so cruel.

You have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thank God that there are people out there with kind and wonderful hearts.