Saturday, December 12, 2009

Marsh in the snow!

It's Marsh! When I came into foster care there was snow on the ground. Then it got warm, then hot, then the snow is back! But last winter I was so busy chasing shadows that I didn't enjoy the snow very much. But NOW....I love the snow because it's easy to get cool.

And now I have way better things to do than chase shadows ....Like: herding my foster brother, sniffing around, chasing toys and when I get hot, I lay down and eat the snow!

After a good workout, there's nothing better than a real cooldown...
Love, Marsh (still in seach of my perfect forever home, but having fun in the snow until then....)


Mary M said...

Marsh, isn't the snow fun. I hope your forever home has snow.

Anonymous said...

Hey Marsh, hang in there buddy. Over the years I adopted 2 different breed, and different dogs with Heartworm. It was not fun treating and recovering. One had to go through phase 2 twice which did major damage to his liver. Kept him going and happy on special home-made diets and good vet care for many, many years. That was 'ole blue, a blue-tick coonyhound. The other was an American Foxhound left tied to the kennel.....abandoned.

Enjoy that snow! My flat-coat Nellie is a canine plow, but more fun was raising my Border Texas, as we came home from Texas, exposing him to grass, rain, snow etc. He's now a CT puppy, but still not sure about that white stuff. LOL 7 years going strong.