Saturday, December 26, 2009

Duncan's First Christmas

Since my last post a lot has happened to me. My surgery was scheduled for Wednesday morning. We waited patiently for the office to open, then I got to go in and room next to this older black lab. Not sure what he was in for but I think he was having a surgery too.
I was then given some really great stuff that made the room all fuzy then went to sleep. When I woke up it felt like I had a hangover (not that I have every truly experienced one of those but I have heard of them). My left hind leg was all bandaged up in festive holiday green color wrap. I even had this think on my head that I can see through but it doesn't let me reach my back end.
They kept me overnight so I didn't get to go home until Thursday afternoon. I didn't even recognize my foster mom when they brought me in the room. Boy was I glad to see her when the light bulb did go off! Lucky for me they gave me this pain patch to keep the good stuff flowing and take the pain away. I didn't do much but sleep all afternoon.

The house smelled great with the smell of baked cookies and all other kinds of delicious people food! It was also decorated and wonderful holiday music playing. My foster mom kept the music playing all night so I would have something to listen to if the pain woke me up. Which it does from time to time.
I have been wimpering off and on but its so frustrating not to be able to run around like I used to or just to be able to reach my leg. It goes from itching to hurting to getting hot and so on. The bandages have to be protected from getting wet which is real hard to do in this weather.
Well, morning comes and again my foster mom is busy cleaning and preparing the room next to the kitchen we never go into with plates and candles. Her parents came over bearing more goodies and presents. I have never had a present before so that is a first for me.
After we all ate lunch, everyone adjurned to the living room and all the gifts were handed out. The first one was pig ears. I had my own little bed area all made up to keep me comfy and to keep that pesky younger border collie away from me.
It was so yummie! I was actually able to eat it once that silly head thing came off! Then there were more presents, toys this time. My foster mom helped me get the wrapping off since I can't use my paws very well with the head collar on. It was so cool. And my foster siblings weren't allowed to play with my toys!
So now I am focusing on getting better. I am resting better now but still get annoyed easily. I go back in a week to get a small cast put on and to make sure everything is healing like it should. I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday as much as I did, bum leg and all!


Helen said...

Merry Christmas Duncan and get better soon. Love, Robin and Zeeba

Anonymous said...

hey handsome be good and get better fast --glad you had a great Christmas

Lacey said...

happy new year Duncan. you're a very handsome boy. I hope you heal fast, and completely. love you!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Duncan how are you doing?I sent an email to your foster mom but haven't heard anything so just touching base to see how your leg is doing Karen

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen-
I am the contact for Duncan and have not received an email. Check out his bio for the email address to contact me-